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Membership - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why has membership price increased in 2021?
The previous annual membership fee of $25 for individuals was no longer sufficient to cover the cost of the mailed National BBQ News magazine along with the cost incurred for accepting a card payment. After deliberation and discussions, the Board elected to increase dues for the year 2021. The new cost of an individual membership is $40, that includes a digital subscription to the National BBQ News (This is similar to what KCBS did with their Bull Sheet by making that only digital delivery.) During deliberation, some members expressed an interest in continuing to get the printed copy of the magazine. If you would like to continue to receive the USPS mailed, paper copy, you may elect to do so for an extra cost. 
  • Why is there an additional charge for National BBQ News? It used to be included.

The National BBQ magazine is still included in your membership. We are switching to the digital version of the magazine. If you would like to continue to receive the USPS mailed, paper copy, you may elect to do so for an extra cost of $15/year.

If you are renewing a membership and wish to remove the extra charge for the printed copy, simply clear / erase the number entered in the NBN field to remove the extra charge.

  • What happened to the "Family" membership?

The Family membership has been rebranded to a "Group" membership. We have also expanded this offering to allow up to 3 members on this membership. The additional members can be family members, team members, your best buddies, or whoever you want to include in your "Group".  Once you have initiated a Group membership, you will be able to add the additional members. You can adjust group members at any time thru out the year.

Group memberships are now priced at $60, which includes a digital subscription to National BBQ News (NBN) for all group members.

Groups have 2 votes for elections. 

  • How do I renew on the new portal?
Our site will email you 30 days before your membership is due.  Follow the instructions in that email to renew your membership (either manually or via reoccurring payments).
  • I do not want reoccurring renewals. How do I change that?
You can elect to turn off reoccurring payments in your profile, by navigating to the "Invoices and Payments" tab. Click the "Stop Reoccurring Payments" button. We certainly understand this is a personal preference. Some members prefer to have automatic payments, other do not. Feel free to adjust your preference. 
  • My "Member Since" date is incorrect. How do I fix it?
We loaded the oldest payment date we had logged in our computer files. We will happily update the date for you, if you email us the correct date. We appreciate that many members have been with us for many years and we, too, would like to honor your continued commitment to our organization! Thank you!

The Minnesota BBQ Society is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the art of outdoor cooking.

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