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Our Business Members

Business members are key supporters of the MN BBQ Society. We appreciate their support and encourage you to visit their businesses!

Compart Family Farms

Compart Duroc™ promises an “All Natural,” mouthwatering, rich flavored pork, with superior tenderness and natural juiciness. Bright reddish pink in color, Compart Duroc contains a higher percentage of intramuscular fat (marbling) and a higher pH. These unique attributes translate into a more tender, juicy and flavorful dining experience. This selection of pork enables you to enjoy fresh pork in its natural flavor and juice, without injecting or pumping.

Northern Fire BBQ and Grilling Supply

At Northern Fire Grilling & BBQ Supply we’ll go out of our way to offer an outstanding selection of grilling and BBQ supplies to help elevate your game! In the digital age, where great products are only a click away, we are hoping that you will find our store to be more inviting than that cold digital world!

Stay in touch, and watch out for upcoming events and classes. We’ve got a lot coming in 2020! Hope to see you at the Fire!

North Country Woodcraft

In December 2011, I decided to take my passion for woodworking full time and officially opened North Country Woodcraft. Using my technical background, architectural skills, and artistic creativity, I am able to create intricate and unique items for your home, garden, pub or whatever you can imagine.

I am especially proud to say that every toy, goblet, jewelry box, and ornament I make is hand-made, one at a time. No mechanical fasteners, nothing used on them is mass produced!

None of this would be possible without the support of my family and friends. Thank you to Turk for talking me into following my dream.


We proudly offer gifts for special occasions and holidays, gifts for newborns, gifts for infants, cute gifts for children, and cool gifts for teens.

We also carry: Trendy Gift Baskets and Scented Gifts Women’s Clothing and Gifts Stylish Purses and Handbags Men’s Clothing and Gifts Radiant Art and Home Accent Gifts

We also carry a wide variety of elegant jewelry and unique gifts.

Saints & Sinners BBQ

Saints & Sinners can be purchased across the nation in 43 different states, (so far), but they are located right here in the Twin Cities. Show your support for this local rub company and give them a try! All of their rubs are great, but you really have to try their Cajun rub, wow! Give them a like on Facebook and Instagram, there are some great photos of what their rubs can do, seeing is believing.

From the owner of Saints & Sinners, Dave Parker: This business was built to help bring new flavors to the table…and to bring people together. Saints & Sinners is for everyone—whether you’re a backyard novice or BBQ champion. We’re all part of the Saints & Sinners family—and isn’t that what this is all about? Bringing people together 

The Smokestack BBQ Supply Store

We Love BBQ Too!

We have had a lot of fun traveling the country learning about BBQ and all of the different flavors that are out there. Rather than turning to ordering it in we wanted to make these great flavors available right here in the heart of lake country. Stop on in and swap BBQ stories and meet your new best friends in BBQ! We found that it can be hard to find some of these flavors in our local stores. We stock smokers, grills, pellets, charcoal, seasonings, sauces and much more. With When it comes to customer service we are unsurpassed with our dedication to bringing you great BBQ products and helping you grow in your knowledge of the great sport of BBQ. Passion for the food will show every step of the way!

Anderson Barbecue Supply

Anderson Barbecue Supply is the Twin Cities leader in BBQ supplies from a novice backyard griller to the ultimate pitmaster. We strive to supply everyone from simple backyard cooks to competitive bbq pitmasters. If you have any needs in the backyard bbq area, we want to be your first stop!

The Great Scrape

The Ultimate BBQ Cleaning Tool was born & raised right here in Oakdale, MN! The Great Scrape is an all-natural BBQ cleaning tool & wood grill scraper. It is an alternative to the old metal wire brush. It custom grooves to uniquely fit your barbecue grill without having to worry about metal bristles harming you or your grill. It is made of solid premium hardwood & is designed for years of grilling pleasure. Multiple models to fit any grill. Spice it up & personalize your scraper with a name or logo. Great Scrape is the perfect grilling accessory or BBQ gift.

Whitewater BBQ Drum Smoker

Cajun Smokers

We are a upscale commercial grade BBQ smoker and grill manufacturer. Our focus is on providing the highest quality grills, pits, and spits on the market. Our proprietary air flow design creates the highest efficiency burn in the industry. This means less fuel costs, less creosote (Smokey film that makes people sick) easy to control cook chamber temps, and the best flavor in the business. All this is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Pelican Pete's Pistachios

Pelican Pete's Pistachios are made just like competition ribs or brisket, a secret technique and recipe make for a one of a kind smoked snack. Delicious and addictive, folks say they taste like BACON. We are a small, family business with a unique craft product. Sold in meat markets, bar/restaurants, wineries, taprooms, specialty gift shops and C-stores among other places. Available wholesale and retail. www.pelicanpetespistachios.com

Sovereign Smoke Barbecue Products

Our Mission: We will work with you to create Barbecue and Smoking products that you love to use and share with your family and friends.

Founded in December of 2019 and we launched our first product in September of 2020

Sovereign Smoke is located in Buffalo MN, we are small, family owned and operated. Our products are proudly made locally and will always be made in the United States. Sovereign Smoke products are now available in over 25 locations throughout Minnesota including a store in Kansas City.

We started our company with two items, we named both of them “Our Original Sweet Heat”BBQ Sauce & BBQ Rub. We plan to add additional sauces and rubs as our name brand grows and our customers demand more options.

We are growing our product line every month. We now have Our Hand Forged Damascus Steel BBQ Knife Set, Meat Cleaver and Brisket Knives. Early Spring of 2021 we started booking catering events for 2021 and future dates.

Our products kicked the market fast and in less than 3 months we sold our products in all 50 Sates and in over a dozen did countries. We are actively seeking local and national stores that are interested in selling our products. Via your website to learn more about us and to find a retail partner near you. www.SovereignSmoke.com

Livia’s MN, Inc

Using the most common ingredients of kosher salt, pepper and garlic, the KEY3 of Livia’s Seasoning Salt is the perfect all-purpose base for any food preparation. Livia’s is your secret ingredient for anything that hits the grill, while it enhances the creative flavors you desire — it does not overwhelm your personal masterpiece. Easy to use and great on anything, anywhere, regardless of culinary fare or style. “Livia’s is the perfect base for any BBQ rub creation or flavor profile”. Chef Pete Hoff

Fellers Ranch is a Minnesota farm that raises and processes premium, restaurant quality wagyu beef.

Meat can be purchased on site in Conger, MN or on their website www.FellersRanch.com

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