Meeting Notes 02-21-2018


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2018

Broadway Pizza, Maple Grove, MN


In Attendance: John Scharffbillig, Stan Dobosenski, Dan Salzl, Dick Dahlen, Jeremy Dockendorf, Nate Berg, Aaron Bourdage, Claire Terrones

Guests: Dave Londeen, Randy Applegren, Chuck Anderson

Meeting was called to order at 6:09 pm.

Minutes: tabled till next meeting.


  • Dan submitted that we have 213 members in good standing at this time. 40 Families and 173 individuals.
  • 55% of members have a team name.

Judges Class

  • Saturday March 10th
  • 48 people planned. 33 registered as of today.
  • Old Southern cooking for the class. Randy will pick up from OS Saturday 9:30am. Due to UofM

ACTION: Need 6-7 people to be table captains.


  • Vice President – vacancy. Dick nominated by Dan. Approved Unanimously. 6 yr term
  • Secretary – Claire reconfirmed for 2018.
  • Treasurer – Need to transition from Dave L.
    • Dave Londeen volunteered to continue as Treasurer.

ACTION: need to update bylaws. Beth & Dan offered to help, revisit in March mtg.

Team of Year

  • Follow same rules as last year. Announcement of points can move forward.
  • Discussion: more communication/buzz desired throughout comp season. Some teams request that trophy/banner beyond 1st Other prizes: Rookies? Backyard?
  • Backyard Program for 2018 – discussed what other societies currently have for backyard program. Should we create our own system or use KCBS. What are the qualifies for an event? Prize and TOY award options.


Motion: Identify 2 backyard MN contests, test a scoring system that is similar to the current system (TBD by BOD & TOY chair), award a prize, must be a society member – Jeremy motion. Stan 2nd. Approved – unanimous.

ACTION: Bring ideas for prize layout to next meeting.

Spring Training:

  • The date is April 14, 2018. 50% of the registration is filled.
  • Meathead is booked as speaker. Arranged dinner for Meathead with Dave Anderson on April 13. Cooked meats are all arranged.
  • Almost all new vendors this year. Space will be tight in the lobby due to UofM arrangements.
  • Rate for Spring Training was increased this year for non-members, this will auto enroll them as a member of MN BBQ Society when they sign up for the class.

ACTION: Need help from the board with volunteers for food serving; Contact John.

MN Association of Meat Producers

  • Lu & Damon will be there to do a presentation on behalf of the Society.

Minnesota in May

  • 7 Backyard Teams/ 14 Pro teams registered. Maximum registration was set to 24 Backyard / 72 Pro teams.
  • Randy had fruit donated for the breakfast.
  • Steak for Friday night steak cookoff is at cost $7.49/lb
  • Payout of Winnings. Discussion: what’s the correct amount & how far to spread the winnings. Table decision till next meeting.

ACTION: Dave Londeen to email out different payout scenarios to Board for review.

Website– $50 spent so far promoting Spring Training. Chuck would like to spend more & needs ideas to sell/advertise the class.


  • Need to create a recognition program for Judges at the annual banquet. Tabled discussion for next meeting
  • Laurie Rock n Ribs Event in La Crosse emailed to request her event be considered in the MN TOY points race. Board discussed the request. Motion: Include Rock N Ribs in 2018 TOY race. Vote 2-5 does not pass. Favor: Jeremy & Aaron. Against:  Dan, Dick, Nate, John & Claire.


Upcoming Events to Plan For:

Board Meeting – March date TBD

Judge’s Class – March 10th

Spring Training – April 14th

Minnesota in May – May 12th



Motion to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:50 pm.