Meeting Notes 09-13-2017


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

Sept. 13, 2017

Keg & Case,  963 West 7th,  St Paul MN 55102

In Attendance: John Scharffbillig, Dave Londeen, Dan Salzl, Dick Dahlen, Randy Appelgren,

Lu Holter, Claire Terrones

Guests: Scott Schuler (Keg & Case), Damon Holter, Nora Gallagher

Meeting was called to order at 5:58 pm.

Minutes: Motion- Randy,  2nd Lu: To accept the August 9, 2017 Minutes.

Spring Training: The date is April 14, 2018, John has been in contact with Meathead as a possible Keynote Speaker. He is willing to do the presentation and is only asking for his flight and hotel costs to be covered. John requested and received Board Approval to spend up to $600 on speaker costs for the workshop. He distributed a draft Letter of Agreement, which will be vetted through the University and then sent to Meathead for signature.

Minnesota in May 2018: The State Fair Board is already asking for our commitment and deposit to hold the May 11 and 12, 2018 dates. This MBS Board meeting is being held at the Keg & Case office in order to be able to tour the site as a possible alternate location for MIM or some other BBQ event.

After touring the site, the Board agreed to have the Contest Committee and interested Board members review detailed site maps to determine whether the entire Pro + Backyard event could fit, or the Backyard event only, or possibly another smaller competitive event such as a Rib festival. The Board will supply Scott Schuler a list of questions and concerns about the potential site. A decision on the location of MIM 2018 will be made at the October 11th Board Meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:09 pm.