Meeting Notes 12/14/16


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes
Dec. 14, 2016
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In Attendance: Dave Londeen, Janelle Willard, Lu Holter, John Scharffbillig, Don Bickford, Dan Maley, Randy Appelgren, Dan Salzl, Stan Dobosenski
Guests: Chuck Anderson, Nora Gallagher
  1. Meeting was called to order at 6:08 pm
Minutes of November meeting were reviewed.
Motion: Don, 2nd Dan S, to approve Minutes. Passed.
  1. Financial Report:
A new style of statement was presented, which breaks down specific Society activities.
Mark Noordsy will be presenting a Financial Statement at the Annual Banquet
Motion: Janelle, 2nd Lu, to approve Financial Report. Passed
  1. Website: We have been using the website, Facebook and direct mailing of emails via Mail Chimp to promote upcoming events, specifically the Board Elections and Annual Banquet. General consensus is that it is going well, always have a need for new/refreshed content.
  1. Membership Report: There have been 4 Family and 11 Individual Membership renewals during the initial sign-ups for the Banquet.
  1. Annual Banquet Update: There are 36 paid registrations for the Banquet to date. There are a number of Board Members not yet signed up, some have conflicts. It was agreed to offer comp tickets to Dr. Ryan Cox and his wife. We have not had any specific requests for mail-in payments, but we will add that to a line in the next email distribution. Raffle: Don Bickford has looked into possible grills/coolers. Lu offered to donate a Weber Kettle Grill, Stan donated a Grizzly Cooler. The Best Western will donate an overnight stay, and Dave is contacting Organizers to get donations of free/reduced Contest Entries. The decision was to have more door prizes and fewer Raffle items. The Board is encouraged to solicit as many door prizes as they can, and report these back to Nora. It was decided to not purchase a dessert for the Banquet.
  1. New Board Recruits: Janelle distributed three resumes received for the two Board position openings. It was decided that in addition to the direct email, there would be a link to the website to vote online rather than by return email. Chuck will work with Janelle on getting that up on the site by next week. Individual memberships get one ballot, Family memberships get two ballots.
Other Items:
By-Laws: Janelle brought up the point that we do not address dissolution or transfers in the Society’s By-Laws. She said that the By-Laws were drafted originally in a very basic format. She suggested that now that the Society has grown, it is time to put a committee together to review the By-Laws and make recommendations to the Board. Dan and Beth Salzl will head this up, beginning with the new Board in February 2017.
Judges’ Class: Dave discussed the possibility of conducting another Judges’ class. Due to construction, it could not be held at the University. Dave will check on Owatonna, Don will check on Murzyn Hall in Columbia Heights. We would also need a couple of cooks for the class.
Spring Training: The construction at the University is behind schedule. The hall should be ready, but bathrooms and space for cooking are still in question. John advised that there should be an agenda ready by the February Board meeting.
Minnesota in May: May 12-13, 2017 at the State Fairgrounds. The date has been corrected in the Bullsheet. Dave does not recommend going with KCBS Judging sign-ups, there are still issues with the software. John asked for Board approval to contact Kevin Keeling at to use that program again this year. That was approved. Dan Salzl will head up the Backyard contest.
MBS branded Clothing: John forwarded a request from Mark Noordsy to see if the Board was in agreement with him investigating the cost of offering MBS branded clothing for sale to members. It was agreed to, as long as it doesn’t involve tax or detailed reporting for the Board.
Vendors on the MBS website: John reported that Pergolicious wants to be on the Society’s website. There was discussion of the value to members to have access to as many vendors as possible. The Board agreed as long as we are consistent in our guidelines for allowing a presence on the site. The Board will ask them to reciprocate with their site, and although it is not a requirement to be a member, encourage them to join the Society.
Minnesota Association of Meat producers (MAMP): This year’s conference date is 3/16/17. John asked Janelle and Stan for their participation.
Motion: Dan, 2nd Dan S: To adjourn the meeting. Passed.
Meeting adjourned 7:20pm.