Meeting Notes 11/02/16


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

Nov. 2, 2016

Broadway Pizza, West River Road, Minneapolis

In Attendance: Dave Londeen, Janelle Willard, Lu Holter, John Scharffbillig, Don Bickford, Dan Maley

Guests: Chuck Anderson, Nora Gallagher, Dick Dahlen

Meeting was called to order at 6:18 pm

Motion by Lu, 2nd by Dave: to approve the 10/25/16 Minutes. Passed 6-0.

Financial Report:

Dave reported that the checking balance reflects payment for Membership Pin order.

Annual Banquet:   Nora reported the menu selection is being finalized this week. The ticket price will remain the same as last year, $32 per person. We can begin developing a Registration form for the website, and can add the menu before posting, It was decided to not publically offer a ‘Pay at the Door” option, as that greatly increases our liability for No-Shows. Requests for Pay at the Door will be handled on an individual basis. Nora and Mark Noordsy will work with Chuck to get the Registration form created and posted.  Nora also presented a Volunteer List to assign Banquet related tasks.

Membership: Mark submitted a Membership Report for review. Our current total is 215, which represents a 50% increase over Jan 1, 2016. The Board recognizes the efforts of Mark in this area, and greatly appreciates this accomplishment. Mark was unable to attend, so his reports on a membership software package and the KCBS Ambassador Program will be deferred until the January meeting.

Recruiting New Board Members: There will be two Board positions open in January. Three or four people have expressed interest in running. We have posted information on the open Board seats on the website as well as the electronic Newsletter that Mark distributed. There will be a mass email sent as well. Janelle is in charge of collecting the resumes. Areas we want to recruit Board members for include: Financials, Website content, National BBQ News monthly articles, Membership.

Other Items:

            Operational Review: John distributed a Summary of the Operational Review, conducted 10/15/16. The overall findings were positive, with no fraudulent or questionable activities found. There are some strong recommendations that with the growth of the organization there need to be some operational procedures in place. These are in the areas of IRS forms which need to be completed, as well as restrictions on the number of people authorized to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of the Board. John and Mark will draft a Financial and Operational Procedures document and present it for Board review in December.

T-Shirt opportunity: John presented an offer the Society received to get involved in a

t-shirt production and sales opportunity. Due to the sales tax issue, the Board decided that we don’t want to get involved. We also are not allowed to share our member’s information, so would not be sharing team names for this venture. John will respond to the request.

            Community Event- Harvest Heartland: Ross is looking for a headcount of those able to volunteer for the 12/17 food bank activity. Four Board members were able to commit.

MAPS Annual Meeting: John is looking for two cooks to prepare two competition meats for the MAPS meeting on 3/16/17. The cook will be at St. Joe’s Meats in St. Joseph.

Topics of Discussion for Dec 14:

Review Minutes from 11/2/16

Financial Report- Dave

Annual Banquet Update- Nora

Membership Report- Mark will submit

Recruiting New Board Members Update- Janelle

Other Items:

Review of Financial & Operational Procedures draft

Discussion of By-Laws and the need for possible revisions

Meeting was adjourned at 7:06pm