Meeting Notes 08/10/2016


BBQ Society Minutes
August 10, 2016
Ross Bowen, Randy Appelgren, Liliana Bowen, Dave Londeen, Stan Dobosenski, Chuck Anderson
Called to order by Stan D at 6:10
Motion to approve minutes by Ross, 2nd by Randy, all voted to approve
Treasurers Report – Dave Londeen
Fall Banquet
Two dates were discussed – Nov 5 and 12.  Both available at Red Rosa in Bloomfield.  Discussion of conflicts, notably deer season.  Bowen moved to select November 12, Randy 2nd, motion approved.
Planning details to be handled by banquet committee.
Internet report
We have 1378 FB likes.  WE have about 18 visitors per day on the website.  Dan Maley pointed out via text that we need to redirect to 
For more content, Chuck will post to solicit for more information for the website.  He will ask for team bios and pictures. 
The 250,000 meal program has been stopped by Hennepin county health department, apparently by the USDA.  Thanks Obama.
The Police and Fire event will be held at North Commons Park on September 10.  The Disabled Veterans event will be the same day at VFM in White Bear Lake.  Ross will create a FB event for sign ups
Posting of minutes.  Per the bylaws we are not technically required to publicly post the minutes.  Our annual audit is upcoming.
Motion to adjourn by Stan at 7:00. Seconded by Bowen.  Motion passed.