Meeting Notes 05/11/16


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting
May 11, 2016
Broadway Pizza, Minneapolis
In attendance: Dave Londeen, John Scharffbillig, Stan Dobosenski, Don Bickford, Janelle Willard, Lu Holter, Randy Appelgren, Dan Salzl, Ross Bowen, Nora Gallagher, Chuck Anderson, Mark Noordsy, Lilly Bowen
Motion by Janelle, 2nd– Lu to start the meeting
Meeting called to order at 6:08 pm.
  1. Financial Report – Dave Londeen:
  1. Membership Report – Mark Noordsy:
    1. 192 Paid members.
    2. Notes: 25 New Members since last report. New membership cards have been sent out.
  1. Website and Facebook Report – Chuck Anderson:
    1. Would like to add to the Recent Events. Nora to supply text for Judges/TC class, Spring Training and Minnesota in May.
  1. Spring Training Recap – Dave Londeen
    Final payment to U of M is not complete. Dave Anderson was a large draw, in order to get other known names we would need to spend a portion of that profit for speaking fees and travel expenses.
    Survey results will be distributed once we get them back from the U.
    Discussion of possible speakers. John working with the U of M and Texas A&M
  1. Minnesota in May Contest – May 13-14 – John Scharffbillig:
    1. Have 71 KCBS teams, 21 Backyard teams
    2. Discussed logistics of Breakfast, t-shirt and raffle ticket sales
  1. Charitable Events in 2016:
Battle of the Badges – 9/10/2016 – local chefs to work with MPD/Fire teams. BBQ Society being asked to cook hotdogs/hamburgers and help serve.


Wounded Warriors event- turns out this is also 9/10/2016. Ross is working with Roseville VFW.


Motion by Janelle, 2nd by Ross to Adjourn
            Meeting Adjourned 7:18 pm


(This is the last scheduled meeting until August)