Meeting Notes 04/13/16


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting
April 13, 2016
Broadway Pizza, Minneapolis
In attendance: Dave Londeen, John Scharffbillig, Stan Dobosenski, Don Bickford, Janelle Willard, Dan Salzl, Dan Maley, Ross Bowen, Nora Gallagher, Chuck Anderson, Mark Noordsy
Meeting called to order at 6:02 pm.
  1. Financial Report- Dave Londeen
  1. Membership Report- Mark Noordsy:
    1. 167 Paid members
    2. 91 Individual
    3. 30 Family
    4. 36- Undetermined
    5. 5 New since last report
    6. 95 with Cook Team names associated
    7. 53 with KCBS Judges numbers associated
    8. Three mailings were done: to those about to expire, to those already expired, and to the list from the Judges/Table Captains class.
Discussion: Mark suggests incorporating a member benefit on events- discounting entry fees for members.
Motion: By Stan, 2nd by Janelle: Add a statement to the website that there is a reduced rate for Members for Spring Training and the Annual Banquet. Mark will provide the text to Chuck.
  1. Website and Facebook Report- Chuck Anderson:
    1. There are no known issues currently
    2. We have spent $90 for promotions on Facebook, Chuck requests an additional $50 to promote the Backyard event. Approved.
    3. Lu is starting a YouTube channel for BBQ, which allows posting of videos
  1. Spring Training Recap- John Scharffbillig
    1. Website and Facebook promotion of the event was very successful
    2. First look at survey results was extremely favorable
    3. Dave Anderson was a large draw, and was very positively received.
  1. Minnesota in May contest- May 13-14- John Scharffbillig:
    1. Targeting 70 KCBS teams, 30 Backyard teams
    2. Camping- there will be a charge for electricity/dumping: $25 Non-members, $20 Members per night per site.
    3. T-Shirts sales will be pre-sale if possible. Staff shirts in bright color will be ordered.
  1. Additions to Agenda:
Stan was approached by a group that wants to do a YouTube episode of Chop-n-Brew. They are asking for permission to film at Minnesota in May, interview the Board and Cook Teams.
Discussion: Want to be certain that all teams are represented, that KCBS rules concerning no photos in the judging area, and Waivers from all teams are obtained.
Team of the Year: Brian Brandt is willing to take charge of this for 2016. Mark will provide up to date lists. Brian has agreed to do a mid-season posting.
Charitable Events in 2016:
            Battle of the Badges- still under consideration by the organizers
            Wounded Warriors event- Ross will be working with the Roseville VFW
  1. Meeting Adjourned 7:51 pm
Motion by Janelle, 2nd by John to Adjourn