Meeting Notes 12/16/15


Minnesota BBQ Society Board of Directors Meeting

December 16, 2015, 6pm at Broadway Pizza


In attendance: Dave Londeen, John Scharffbillig, Janelle Willard, Chuck Harding, Stan Dobosenski, Nora Gallagher


Motion: John, 2nd by Dave: Approve Notes from 11-18-15.


Financial Report

Motion: Stan, 2nd by John: Accept the Financial Report


Membership Report: Janelle is reconciling the various lists. John to contact National BBQ News for their current list for mailings. Janelle, Dave and Ross will meet in January to finalize the Membership list. John to investigate software options for Membership billings. The Board is willing to pay for a program to be set up.


Banquet Update: Reviewed Raffle items. Board agreed to purchase (2) Grizzly Coolers at a discounted price, one for Banquet, one for Minnesota in May. Discussed the need for continued communications. Nora to update text, Janelle to blast email. Team of Year- banners to be ordered. Discussion of Agenda.


Board Meeting Dates for 2016: Scheduled for second Wednesday of the month, Janelle to reserve Broadway Pizza, 2025 W River Road:

Jan. 13, 2016

Feb. 10

Mar. 9

Apr. 13

May 11

Aug. 10

Sept. 14

Oct. 12

Nov. 9

Dec. 14


Website: Forms have all been updated on the site. Facebook posts to drive people to the site to complete the forms.



Motion to Adjourn: Janelle, 2nd Dave. Meeting Adjourned 7:30pm.




Next Meeting Date: January 13, 2016. Broadway Pizza 2025 W River Road, Minneapolis