Meeting Notes 02/10/16


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting

February 10, 2016

Broadway Pizza, Minneapolis, MN


In attendance: Dan Maley, Dave Londeen, Randy Appelgren, Stan Dobosenski, Lu Holter, Dan Salzl, Janelle Willard, John Scharffbillig, Nora Gallagher, Don Bickford,

Guests: Chuck Anderson, Webmaster; and Mark Noordsy, Membership Chair


Meeting was called to order at 5:56pm


Newly elected Members Lu Holter and Dan Salzl were introduced.


Minutes: Motion-Stan, 2nd Don: To approve the minutes from the 1/13/16 meeting. Passed.


Financial Report

Banquet Recap: There was general consensus that location and food were good. We may have had too many raffle items for the number of attendees.


Roles & Responsibilities: John distributed a draft of a document outlining the different duties and events which need to be covered by the Board. There was discussion about the number of Board seats which will expire next year, and the need for continuity and transfer of knowledge. He asked the Board to take home and review, for discussion at March meeting.


Membership: The database has been transferred to Mark Noordsy. He will work with Janelle to reconcile lists. There was discussion on the term of memberships: calendar year versus month paid through 12 months. Motion- John, 2nd Janelle: Memberships will go 12 months from the month paid. Passed. Once database is confirmed, Mark will conduct an audit of membership asking members to confirm their contact and payment data. Discussion of Family membership. The benefit is two votes for Board elections. Chuck requested we clarify that on the website.


Website, Facebook and Email: There was discussion of the importance of the social media opportunities, and a reminder that it is a professional site not a personal one and reflects on the Society. Ross and Stan have Admin rights on Facebook, Lu volunteered to work on Facebook and will be added to the Admin list. Chuck explained the problem we experienced with the Website, and that he is transitioning it to a new platform.


Judges/Table Captains Class: Will be held in the Twin Cities this year. Randy Appelgren offered to cook. We need to do an email blast to promote the event.


Spring Training: John and Dave will meet with the University next week. Compart is donating the Pork for the lunch. There are 5-6 Vendors interested in having booths. Need an email blast to promote the event.


Minnesota in May Contest: There was preliminary organizational discussion: need for ice, tables, chairs. Dave to set up an early meeting with the Fairgrounds.


Volunteer Opportunities/ Community Outreach:

Battle of the Badges– This may not be a BBQ event this year. Board agreed they still want to be involved in the cooking for the public.

Minnesota Association of Meat Producers (MAMP)- The Willards, John and Dave committed to cook the event.


Team of the Year: Brian Brandt is willing to do this again for 2016, but requires a good membership list and defined rules. Motion- Janelle, 2nd Dan: Team of the Year rules for 2016 are (1) Must compete in a minimum of 3 MN contests, (2) Must be a member in good standing of MNBBQ Society prior to the first contest entered in order for points from that contest to count towards TOY, (3) The top 3 scores for each team will count towards TOY standings. Passed.


Meeting Adjourned: Motion- Randy, 2nd Janelle: To adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.


NEXT MEETING: Weds., March 9. 6:00pm at Broadway Pizza, W River Parkway.