Meeting Notes 03/09/16


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting

March 9, 2016

Broadway Pizza, Minneapolis


In attendance: Dave Londeen, John Scharffbillig, Don Bickford, Stan Dobosenski, Janelle Willard, Ross Bowen, Randy Appelgren, Lu Holter, Dan Salzl, Nora Gallagher, Chuck Anderson, Mark Noordsy



Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm.


  1. Financial Report – Dave Londeen
  2. Membership Report – Mark Noordsy:
    1. We are currently at 159 members; 57 will be renewing between now and June 1st , there have been 9 new in the last few days.
    2. The membership list we send to National BBQ News lists 180 members, 30 of which have expired.
    3. Mark distributed a sample renew letter. These will go out electronically first.
  3. Website – Chuck Anderson:
    1. The new MNBBQ Society website was launched on WordPress
    2. It is now easier to upload information and forms to the site
    3. In one week on the site we had registrations for 47 Spring Training, 11 memberships, 11 Judge/TC class and 8 competitive teams for Minnesota in May!
    4. Board members are encouraged to submit new content
    5. Content Managers: to start we will have Lu, Mark and Stan oversee new content
  4. Facebook – Lu Holter:
    1. The Board acknowledged Lu for her success in increasing the Facebook activity
    2. Lu will next create a Twitter account for the organization
    3. There was discussion of what the protocol should be when negative comments are posted. It was decided that rather than pull the negative posts, Lu, Ross and Stan will function as Facebook Monitors, and will “Hide” any questionable posts and e-mail the rest of the Board for discussion.
    4. Lu will continue to promote Minnesota in May
  5. Minnesota in May contest – May 13-14, 2016
    1. Rose Hilk has volunteered to do a breakfast, details to be worked out
    2. John asked for Board participation – it takes many hands – especially Friday
    3. John proposes doing the t-shirts as a pre-sale instead of onsite that weekend
    4. Randy and John will be putting a Contest Committee together, to meet after 3/12
    5. Stan has a Prowler and Golf Cart, possible to use those to reduce rental costs
    6. There is an upcoming meeting with the Fairgrounds, want to secure tables and chairs
    7. John reported that we have enough judges for both the competition and Backyard events.
  6. Spring Training – April 9, 2016
    1. At this time we have 60 enrolled – ahead of last year’s numbers
    2. The Board authorized another $50 max Facebook expenditure to promote the event
    3. Also want to do an email blast to further advertise
  7. Judges and Table Captains Class – March 12, 2016
    1. Famous Dave and Wee Willy’s are participating in a Sauce Tasting contest
    2. Mike and Christine Peters from KCBS will be auditing the class
    3. Mark & Nora will work the registration table
    4. Due to the room seating, we’ll need volunteers to shuttle the food to Table Captains
  8. Community Engagement – Ross Bowen:
    1. The Disabled Vets are doing another event. They have partnered with the Roseville VFW. It is scheduled for Sept. 10


Next Meeting: April 13, 2016 at Broadway Pizza, Minneapolis at 6 pm


Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.