Meeting Notes 03/09/15


Board Meeting 3/9/2015, at University of Minnesota Meat Lab

In attendance: Ross Bowen, Randy Appelgren, Dave Londeen, Don Bickford, Gary Harding, John Scharffbillig, Stan Dobosenski, Ryan Cox, Nora Gallagher


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.


Minnesota Association of Meat Processors Convention- Logistics were discussed. Jim Willard, Don, Dave, John and Ross to attend. BBQ Society cooking for the social event on Thursday evening. There will be a shared booth, between the U of M Meat Sciences Dep’t. and the BBQ Society, in the exhibit hall during the convention.


Spring Training- April 11


Update on Logistics

Who’s cooking for the workshop: Ross, Randy, Don, Jim Willard

Equipment that is coming: Green Eggs (Pacific Pools), Southern Pride, Quetopia, Backyard Bombers

How do we keep getting the word out ? Repeat blast emails from Society, Ryan: will send to Univ. Dining & Chefs Assoc., plus Beef Council and Pork Board. Will hand out brochures at MAMP convention.


Discussed inviting Kim Ode from the Star Tribune to Spring Training at no cost. Agreed.

Need items for give-away bags, as well as bags.


Communications- We need to change up the message if we want to re-send email blasts.



Judges Class March 28th: 45 signed up- the max capacity is 60. Knights of Columbus

Table Captains Class March 27th: 9 signed up. Sacred Heart Church

Hogline BBQ is doing the cooking for the class.


Minnesota in May: Have 27 Cook Teams to date- planning on 50 teams for Pro, 24 for Backyard. Contract with Fairgrounds to be signed and sent in by Dave.


Discussion of Vendors- the need to provide BBQ for the public, even if we don’t make money. Smokin’ Bones is interested in vending.


Tim Melchior’s resignation from the Contest Committee: Discussion of the ability to work with Sponsor’s for this year’s MIM contest, given the restrictions of the Fairgrounds. Motion by Don, 2nd by John to accept Tim’s resignation, but would welcome whatever assistance he is willing to give at the contest or other events.


Minutes from 2/9/15 meeting: Motion by Ross, 2nd by Randy to accept the minutes. Decided we can post a summary of Board Meeting Minutes on the website.


Team of the Year: Discussion of the difference in the rules in 2014 versus previous years. Discussion of how the Society can administer TOY. Can be less costly with banners rather than cash payouts. In response to Brandt’s letter of concern: Ross will ask him if he is willing to take it over. There was general consensus that we need to communicate the rules in advance. Motion by Ross: Society to take back administration of TOY due to members’ concerns. Thank Tony, he is still welcome to sponsor TOY if he would like. Passed


Financials: Bank Balance: $21,860.14


Motion by Ross, 2nd by Randy- Meeting Adjourned 8:05pm.