Meeting Notes 03/30/15


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting- Draft Minutes
March 30, 2015
Highlight Printing office
In attendance: Dave Londeen, Ross Bowen, Janelle Willard, Don Bickford, Nora Gallagher, Gary Harding, Stan Dobosenski, John Scharffbillig, Randy Appelgren

Meeting called to order at 5:59 pm

Guest: Mike Kinney, UPS Corporate Sales Rep/ Certified Barbeque Judge

Mike explained he is the Co-chair of the Veteran’s Resource Group, covering 5 states.
Other corporate sponsors (besides UPS): Target, Cargill, General Mills
They are hosting an event to benefit Wounded Vets. Veterans and their families are invited. They are expecting 200+ guests. They are asking the BBQ Society to cook the food which UPS will provide. UPS will serve the food. The Board gave input as to quantities needed and logistics.
Motion by Ross, 2nd by Stan: To have the BBQ Society assist on the Veteran’s Event. Passed.
Motion by Gary, 2nd by Dave: To Approve Minutes from 3/9/15. Passed.
Spring Training: Final logistics were discussed. Plan on meeting at the University at 6:30am 4/11/15.
Minnesota in May:
Teams- 20 paid, 18 not paid.
Hotels- Randy informed he will be reserving a block of rooms at Holiday Inn- Roseville.
Food Vendor- Dave to call Fair Board to inform them that Z’s Smokin’ Bones is approved by BBQ Society to vend. Randy willing to contact other potential food vendors.
Golf Carts- Dave ordering 1 Utility Cart, 2 small
200,000 Meals- No communication from KCBS- Dave to follow up. Need to know ASAP.
Trophies- John needs 3 weeks lead time. Same shapes as last year
BackYard Event- 8-9 Teams to date.
Judges- Final Round in software. John needs Backyard Judges list from Ross. Pro Event has cutoff. There are 120 Judges in reserve.

Team of the Year:
Brian Brandt has accepted the Board’s offer to have him administer TOY
Minimum of 4 Minnesota Contests
Three highest scores count toward TOY (include Fire on Ice and Sam’s Club)
Must be a member in good standing with MN BBQ Society
Teams must declare they are participating in TOY by Minnesota in May
Team will be assigned a number when they declare (discussed using KCBS#)

Board will provide a list of current members- names, but no personal info
We will email all members to communicate the Criteria.
Brandt to finalize Criteria, Ross to review before emailing members.
We will post the Criteria on the website, and announce that the awards will be banners, not cash prizes.

Judges Class: 65 paid attendees.

Motion by Randy, 2nd by John: To Adjourn. Meeting Adjourned 7:45pm