Meeting Notes 04/30/15


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting- Draft Minutes

April 30, 2015

Highlight Printing Office

In attendance: Dave Londeen, Janelle Willard, Chuck Harding, Gary Harding, Don Bickford, John Scharffbillig, Nora Gallagher, Randy Appelgren, Ross Bowen.

Guest: Dr. Ryan Cox


Meeting called to order at 6:04pm

Motion: Ross, 2nd John to approve the March 30, 2015 minutes.


  1. Recap of Spring Training

Evaluations and a Summary were sent to all Board members. General observations by Dr. Cox: Our largest yet, Outdoor venue was a hit, Carcasses were popular, but we could use a different presenter to change it up, the Butchers got mixed reviews, Spices & Flavors- there was some contradiction, and we’ve covered the topic several years; may want to skip next year. The Showcase lunch was well received- but too long. Cooking for a Team could expand next year. The Suppliers got the lowest scores. Do want more about equipment- all different kinds, wood, pellets, Smoke, etc. Home Sausage Making was popular but don’t want to do every year. MAMP convention was very beneficial to attendance. They also want the Society to cook again next year.


Suggestions for next year:

Additional questions on the Evaluations

Binder needs to be bigger

More vendors and Equipment

Addition of some non-competition topics

Knife sharpening

Trimming Up

More demos, more hands on. Possible to break into smaller stations- repeat the demos and have the smaller groups rotate through.

BBQ Team toolkit- written timeline, list of required equipment, etc.

For Backyarders: Marinades and Brines, Proper way to Inject, What that accomplishes.


  1. Minnesota in May Planning

Backyard: plan on 24 teams

12:30 Judges Meeting; 1:30 and 2:30pm turn-ins


Pro Event: currently have 59-60 teams. John to ask Judge to add one more table’s worth of judges

Trophies and Ribbons are ordered.

Carts are ordered

Tables coming from Midway, Chairs from Fairgrounds

Cooks Breakfast? Dave will ask Fairgrounds if allowed.

Vendors: Z’s Smokin’ Bones and Tolufson’s Family Farms

Backyard Bombers to Display. John to contact about a smoker to Raffle.

T-Shirts: Board agreed to order same number as last year if can get them in time.

Raffle items: Gary will contact Big City BBQ, about a Weber Smoky Mtn., Ross will ask Quetopia, John will ask Backyard Bombers.


  1. Minnesota in May- 2016 and beyond

Ross brought up the possibility of changing the date to later in the season. Discussed and decided for tradition and lack of date conflicts to stay with the 3rd weekend in May.


Discussion of other sites: Anoka County- pricing is similar; Carver County is interested in MIM, would need to follow up; Roseville Oval- similar cost but can have Vendors and possible $2500 grant if tied to kids program. John, Dave and Randy to tour Roseville next week.


  1. Team of the Year- Motion by Don, 2nd by Janelle: Brian Brandt’s letter was approved for distribution. Nora to get on website, Jen Amundson would be asked to distribute to all Society members ASAP by email.


  1. UPS Wounded Warriors event- Discussion of recommended funds needed to purchase and prepare meat as requested.


Some discussion that we may want to locate our next Judges/Table captains class in the Twin Cities area.


Motion- Ross, 2nd Janelle- Meeting Adjourned 7:50 pm.