Meeting Notes 08/04/15


Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting
August 4, 2015, Davanni’s Pizza in Coon Rapids
In attendance: Ross Bowen, Dave Londeen, Randy Applegren, Stan Dobosenski, Chuck Harding, Janelle Willard, Dan Maley, John Scharffbillig, Nora Gallagher
Guest: Chuck Anderson, Webmaster
Meeting was called to order at 6:04pm
Motion: Chuck Harding, 2nd: Janelle Willard to approve the April 2015 minutes.
1. Minnesota in May Recap: We netted $1100 between the shirts and the raffle, and $1200 on the Backyard event. The overall loss on the contest was $1031.42. Suggestions for next year included getting our own ice and storing in coolers, obtaining tables from the fair as opposed to renting them, raffling Yeti Coolers (can get 25% off), possibly another smoker. Looking to expand the Backyard event, as it is profitable and also grows the sport. Overall the opinion was that we did better at the Fair this year- improved logistics, better handle on expenses. General consensus is that Roseville can’t compete with the Fair in terms of the facility, and have as many rules and costs. The Backyard event had a problem with the scoring- discussed improvements for next year.
Motion: Randy Applegren, 2nd John Scharffbillig to stay at the Fairgrounds in 2016. Passed. Discussion: Would be beneficial to pair up with other events at the Fairgrounds, possibly Warners Stellian
Additional brochures are needed- Janelle to order 200.
Updated membership list is needed from Jen Amundson- Janelle to request.
Treasurer’s Report,
2. Battle of the Badges- Minneapolis Police & Fire People’s BBQ: Discussed logistics. Ross to post on Facebook for additional volunteers.
3. UPS Wounded Warriors Event- Sep’t. 12, 4-10 pm. City Central Park, Roseville. Mike Kinney, UPS contact. Food will be provided by Cargill: Briskets, Butts and Ribs. Expecting 150 people. Decided meat would be cooked off-site and brought in Cambros to the event. Ross to get a count of Cooks, then ask for additional help if needed.
4. Website Update: Chuck Anderson is the new Webmaster. He has updated the Home page, added a Sponsors page. Decision to hide the Forum as it is not used. Chuck is asking for Bios on all the Board members, as well as new photos for the site. He will link to social media. Board requested the Forms be updated, starting with the Annual Banquet form. Decision to add a Calendar of Events, to include Board meetings.
5. National Barbecue News- Ross will write the next articles on the Battle of the Badges and the UPS Wounded Warriors events.
6. Annual Banquet- January 16 or 23rd, 2016- Looking for a smaller venue, on a Saturday. John to look into Science Museum, other possibilities.
Judges Class: Want to try to hold it in the Twin Cities area next time. Possibly at the U of M? John will contact Ryan Cox. Will also need to determine who could cook for the class.
Other Agenda Items: Discussion of moving some of the Board meetings to a location where the public can attend, possibly on a Saturday morning. If want food included, suggestion of Rack Shack. If no food, Community Rooms are available.
Scheduled dates for upcoming Board Meetings: October 21, November 18, December 16. All at 6:00pm at Highlight Printing unless notified otherwise.
Motion: Ross Bowen, 2nd John Scharffbillig to adjourn meeting. Meeting Adjourned at 7:40pm.