Meeting Notes 02/09/15


Minnesota Barbeque Society

Board Meeting: Feb. 9, 2015

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In attendance: D. Londeen, J. Scharffbillig, J.& J. Willard, R. Bowens, R. Appelgren, D. Maley, D. Bickford, S. Dobosenski, N. Gallagher


Meeting was called to order at 5:55 pm.

Minutes of the previous Board Meeting were distributed. Motion by John, 2nd  by Dave Minutes were approved.


Stan Dobosenski was introduced as the new Board Member.

Janelle Willard announced that Nora Gallagher would be taking over some of the secretarial responsibilities.


Minnesota Meat Producers are looking for cooks in St. Cloud on March 12th. Don can cook, also has a large grill to contribute. Janelle/Jim and Stan also have grills which can be used.


MIM Contest: Dave, Randy and Ross met with the Fairgrounds. Dave had distributed a preliminary budget electronically to the Board. There was much discussion on the possibility of losing money on the event, the value of the contest to the Society’s image and mission, and the challenges of the rules at the Fairgrounds concerning vendors. The Board decided we should continue with the contest at the Fairgrounds in 2015, work on minimizing losses through maximum number of teams and raffles. There was also much discussion on alternate venues for future years. Anoka County Fairgrounds and Roseville were both discussed. It was agreed we would need to secure a site in mid-2015 for the 2016 contest.


Financial Report:


Website Update: Dan reported that current contests and sign-up forms have all been updated. He is running an inquiry on the Forum to see how many people are using/interested in continuing that portion of the site. Dan questions the need for a Member’s only page- it is a lot of extra work keeping the membership status current. There was a discussion of PayPal issues. Dave also has Admin Rights for PayPal. Nora offered to help on the website updates.


Team of the Year: Board received a letter from Brian Brandt, listing concerns about the way the TOY was handled this year. The biggest point of contention is that non-Society members are allowed to participate. Tony Korthaus/Quetopia did all the work and provided the prizes, which saves the Society much time and money. Board decided we would like to discuss with Tony how it could be structured differently.

Judges and Table Captains Class: To date, 13 Judges, 2 TC signed up. Dave needs help for Saturday. Ross will tally volunteers.


Spring Training: John distributed flyers to be posted at retail locations. Pork Board, Beef Council, Contest Organizers and Iowa membership should be tapped for email lists to send the flyer to.


Jim Mitchell’s Resignation: Motion by Ross, 2nd by Dave to accept Jim’s resignation.


NEXT MEETINGS: March 9, March 30, April 27


Motion by John, 2nd by Dave to Adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.