The Get Busy LIVIN Music Fest (Cancelled for 2020)

09/17/2021 - 09/18/2021

*Cancelled for 2020, OFFICIAL 2020 TOY qualifier, Date moved to 2021*

Location: ERX Motor Park, Elk River, Mn

The annual #LIVIN Music Festival is back and better than ever. This event is a chance to raise funds to help bring awareness to mental health issues, reducing the stigma that surrounds suicide and to hopefully give help to those who are dealing with loss from suicide.

This year is a 2 day event!
Friday September 17th – This will be a relaxing afternoon/evening for volunteers, campers and BBQ
teams to relax and get to know new people. There will be free live music and more ideas in the works!
Saturday September 18th – This BBQ competition will include ribs and chicken categories.
Entry fee – ??

We have space for a minimum of 20 teams, so no need to worry.

Ribs – 10 St. Louis cut ribs provided to each team
Chicken – Each team will provide their meat for this category.
Awards – There will be a minimum of $1200 towards payouts, the more teams the bigger the payouts Plus trophy’s for 1 st – 3 rd in each category, plus 1 st place for People’s Choice.
Judging – We will have 6 judges again, with a minimum of 1 person being a certified KCBS judge and/or someone with vast experience in competitions to train our other judges, with the possibility of 1 or 2
celebrity judges.
Camping – Each team will get 1 spot to camp from Friday through Sunday morning, no hookups.
Music- This is by far a great way to spend your weekend. Friday there will be a concert (Great Band!) for all those attending. Saturday afternoon there also will be free live music from some amazing local Midwest artists. Plus at night on the main stage will be even bigger names with one national headliner.
Each team will receive 4 G.A. tickets for the main stage. During the people’s choice tasting feel free to make up your ‘specialty’ and hand out to the public, make this day fun for them and yourselves.
During the contest water will be available, but electricity not at this point.
To find out more about The LIVIN Foundation please check them out! 

Please email for questions and/or a signup form.

#LIVIN #reducethestigma #helphopehugs #youMATTer

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