Meeting Notes 04-15-2020

Doc Called meeting to order  -6:04 pm - April 15 
Board Members in Attendance
BBQ Society Members in Attendance:

Minutes Read from Previous Meeting 
John Motion
Second Randy
All in Favor
Motioned Accepted - 6:07pm

Treasurers Report
John Motion
Second Allen
All in Favor Motioned Passed - 6:10pm

Membership Update/ Chuck:
Since March 2nd - 11 New Members 

Business Membership/ Dan/Nate:
Three companies are Interested - Verbal Commitments once available

Website Update / Chuck: 
Current Member List loaded
Need From Aaron - Member Since /Current Expiration/Membership Level
Adding Business Membership 
Followup - Additional Membership Benefits
Followup - Kristen will be partnering  with Chuck to help with websiteBBQ NewsLetter Update -

Newsletter / Allen:
Business Spotlight MBN Newsletter
12x - Year - Allen Needs Help as a team
John Volunteered to help with next issue
Allen/Dan/David - MailChimp campaign - Update & Training

MIM Update
People's Choice has been removed from schedule
Sponsors still in place
Date Moved 
Apparel Sales to include shipping cost in case event gets cancelled
NO judges changes/update at this point

Raffle Sales Updates and Discussion

Spring Training Update
April 10th or April 17th, 2021
Motion to have Spring Training next year passed

Backyard TOY Update
6 Contests available 
Pending - Mankato

Pro TOY Update
Motion to Drop Requirement to 3 contents for this year's TOY
Recommendation to continue discussion next month/ next meeting
Budget update for TOY next meeting DOC
Agreement to continue discussion at next meeting Passed

New News:
Donation - Mosquito BBQ - Seeking Charitable cause for use donation

Motion to Adjourn 7:16 David
2nd Allen