Minnesota in May

05/11/2018 - 05/12/2018

Location: Falcon Heights, MN (MN State Fairgrounds)

Centrally located in the Twin Cities area, this large contest features a KCBS and backyard competition. There is plenty of room and a choice of asphalt or grass locations – perfect for those with a killer RV or rocking a tent!

$10,000 in prizes for the KCBS competition!

20 amp electrical and water included!

Indoor awards ceremony!

Modern bathrooms and showers!

Plus, some really awesome teams! Join us!

KCBS Registration

Backyard Registration

Backyard Rules



  1. Smokin’ Big
  2. Grumpy Old Men
  3. Minnesota’s Smokey Bros. BBQ
  4. Schwebs BBQ
  5. TC BBQ
  6. Q Fanatic
  7. Aesop’s Table
  8. Shiggin’ & Grinnin’
  9. S. BBQ
  10. Marburg Brothers BBQ
  11. Smoke My Butt BBQ
  12. Hegge Que
  13. Nectar of the Hogs
  14. Case of Ribs
  15. Smoke in the Eye
  16. Sweet Smoke Ring BBQ
  17. Six Butt BBQ
  18. Rub My Rack


  1. Happy Pig BBQ
  2. Rib Rubbers
  3. Blow n Smoke BBQ
  4. Culinary Chaos
  5. Smoking Hot BBQ
  6. BFD BBQ
  7. Tundra Hog BBQ
  8. Smokey G.C.’S BBQ Team
  9. Magnum P.I.G. BBQ Team
  10. Slapshot BBQ
  11. J. Lightnin’s BBQ