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Meeting Notes 02-21-2018

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2018

Broadway Pizza, Maple Grove, MN


In Attendance: John Scharffbillig, Stan Dobosenski, Dan Salzl, Dick Dahlen, Jeremy Dockendorf, Nate Berg, Aaron Bourdage, Claire Terrones

Guests: Dave Londeen, Randy Applegren, Chuck Anderson

Meeting was called to order at 6:09 pm.

Minutes: tabled till next meeting.


  • Dan submitted that we have 213 members in good standing at this time. 40 Families and 173 individuals.
  • 55% of members have a team name.

Judges Class

  • Saturday March 10th
  • 48 people planned. 33 registered as of today.
  • Old Southern cooking for the class. Randy will pick up from OS Saturday 9:30am. Due to UofM

ACTION: Need 6-7 people to be table captains.


  • Vice President – vacancy. Dick nominated by Dan. Approved Unanimously. 6 yr term
  • Secretary – Claire reconfirmed for 2018.
  • Treasurer – Need to transition from Dave L.
    • Dave Londeen volunteered to continue as Treasurer.

ACTION: need to update bylaws. Beth & Dan offered to help, revisit in March mtg.

Team of Year

  • Follow same rules as last year. Announcement of points can move forward.
  • Discussion: more communication/buzz desired throughout comp season. Some teams request that trophy/banner beyond 1st Other prizes: Rookies? Backyard?
  • Backyard Program for 2018 – discussed what other societies currently have for backyard program. Should we create our own system or use KCBS. What are the qualifies for an event? Prize and TOY award options.


Motion: Identify 2 backyard MN contests, test a scoring system that is similar to the current system (TBD by BOD & TOY chair), award a prize, must be a society member – Jeremy motion. Stan 2nd. Approved – unanimous.

ACTION: Bring ideas for prize layout to next meeting.

Spring Training:

  • The date is April 14, 2018. 50% of the registration is filled.
  • Meathead is booked as speaker. Arranged dinner for Meathead with Dave Anderson on April 13. Cooked meats are all arranged.
  • Almost all new vendors this year. Space will be tight in the lobby due to UofM arrangements.
  • Rate for Spring Training was increased this year for non-members, this will auto enroll them as a member of MN BBQ Society when they sign up for the class.

ACTION: Need help from the board with volunteers for food serving; Contact John.

MN Association of Meat Producers

  • Lu & Damon will be there to do a presentation on behalf of the Society.

Minnesota in May

  • 7 Backyard Teams/ 14 Pro teams registered. Maximum registration was set to 24 Backyard / 72 Pro teams.
  • Randy had fruit donated for the breakfast.
  • Steak for Friday night steak cookoff is at cost $7.49/lb
  • Payout of Winnings. Discussion: what’s the correct amount & how far to spread the winnings. Table decision till next meeting.

ACTION: Dave Londeen to email out different payout scenarios to Board for review.

Website– $50 spent so far promoting Spring Training. Chuck would like to spend more & needs ideas to sell/advertise the class.


  • Need to create a recognition program for Judges at the annual banquet. Tabled discussion for next meeting
  • Laurie Rock n Ribs Event in La Crosse emailed to request her event be considered in the MN TOY points race. Board discussed the request. Motion: Include Rock N Ribs in 2018 TOY race. Vote 2-5 does not pass. Favor: Jeremy & Aaron. Against:  Dan, Dick, Nate, John & Claire.


Upcoming Events to Plan For:

Board Meeting – March date TBD

Judge’s Class – March 10th

Spring Training – April 14th

Minnesota in May – May 12th



Motion to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:50 pm.

Meeting Notes 08-09-2017

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2017

Ramsey County Library, Shoreview, MN

In Attendance: John Scharffbillig, Dave Londeen, Don Bickford, Dan Salzl, Dick Dahlen,

Lu Holter, Claire Terrones

Guests: Scott Schuler (Keg & Case), Damon Holter, Aaron Bourdage, Nora Gallagher

Meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm.

Minutes: Motion- Lu, 2nd Dan: To accept the June 14, 2017 Minutes.

Keg & Case presentation: Scott Schuler described his company’s new venue at the old Schmidt Brewery site in St. Paul. He is eventually looking for a three day event, hopefully in conjunction with the Minnesota BBQ Society, to include food and music. He would like about 15 food vendors. The Board explained some of the limitations of using the Fairgrounds for Minnesota in May in regards to vendors. There was also discussion of our inability in the past to attract both sponsors and the public, as there is nothing for anyone to do who is not competing at our event. There was discussion of the possibility of hosting Minnesota in May there; just a Back Yard event; or another separate, smaller competition. There was also discussion of the use of the site for an educational presentation that would involve a couple of Cook Teams on site, geared towards beginners/back yarders. Scott would like to start working on the event by late fall.

Motion: Don, 2nd John: To have board members look at the site, seriously consider the proposal, and come back to the September meeting prepared to vote on whether to proceed, and if so, with what type of event to hold at the site.

Membership: Dan submitted that we have 198 members in good standing at this time. Another email notice to those who have expired/are expiring will be going out soon.

Spring Training: The date is April 14, 2018, we have secured the date and space at the University of Minnesota. John and Dave will be meeting with Dr. Ryan Cox of the U to discuss budget; our cost is expected to go up, as they tried to hold our cost steady for the early years until the event got established. Results of the 2017 survey indicated that attendees wanted the agenda to swing back to the basics, geared toward beginners and backyard cooks. Now that construction is completed at the U, we will try to increase the number of vendors on site also. We will be looking for volunteers to cook/serve.

Website– need for new photos/content- submit to Chuck Anderson

Upcoming Events to Plan For:

Battle of the Badges- Sept. 9, 2017- John. Need Volunteers for cooking/serving

Second Harvest Heartland- December 2017- Dick

Ronald McDonald House- Dick- Will re-connect after the summer BBQ season

Board Elections- December 2017- Claire

Annual Banquet- January 2018- Claire

Motion by Don, 2nd by Lu to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:40 pm.

Meeting Notes 09-13-2017

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

Sept. 13, 2017

Keg & Case,  963 West 7th,  St Paul MN 55102

In Attendance: John Scharffbillig, Dave Londeen, Dan Salzl, Dick Dahlen, Randy Appelgren,

Lu Holter, Claire Terrones

Guests: Scott Schuler (Keg & Case), Damon Holter, Nora Gallagher

Meeting was called to order at 5:58 pm.

Minutes: Motion- Randy,  2nd Lu: To accept the August 9, 2017 Minutes.

Spring Training: The date is April 14, 2018, John has been in contact with Meathead as a possible Keynote Speaker. He is willing to do the presentation and is only asking for his flight and hotel costs to be covered. John requested and received Board Approval to spend up to $600 on speaker costs for the workshop. He distributed a draft Letter of Agreement, which will be vetted through the University and then sent to Meathead for signature.

Minnesota in May 2018: The State Fair Board is already asking for our commitment and deposit to hold the May 11 and 12, 2018 dates. This MBS Board meeting is being held at the Keg & Case office in order to be able to tour the site as a possible alternate location for MIM or some other BBQ event.

After touring the site, the Board agreed to have the Contest Committee and interested Board members review detailed site maps to determine whether the entire Pro + Backyard event could fit, or the Backyard event only, or possibly another smaller competitive event such as a Rib festival. The Board will supply Scott Schuler a list of questions and concerns about the potential site. A decision on the location of MIM 2018 will be made at the October 11th Board Meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:09 pm.

Meeting Minutes 12-13-2017

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

Dec. 13, 2017

Ramsey County Library, 4560 Victoria Street, Shoreview, MN 55126

In Attendance: John Scharffbillig, Dave Londeen, Dan Salzl, Dick Dahlen, Randy Appelgren,

Lu Holter, Claire Terrones, Don Bickford

Guests: Chuck Anderson, Nora Gallagher

Meeting was called to order at 5:59 pm.

Elections: Six candidates are running for three open seats. The link for voting is being tested and will be up on the website in the next few days. Have to be a current member to vote, there will be a link to renew membership on the same page.

Annual Banquet: The banquet will be held at the Marriot NW in Brooklyn Park. Dinner is a choice of Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian. There is a room block for $99 suites. Dinner price is $38 per person. Dan will send a blast email to full mailing list, including non-members. Still in need of donations for raffle and door prizes.

 Spring Training: The date is April 14, 2018, Meathead is confirmed as the Keynote Speaker. The Vendor display area will be full. Brochure will be printed shortly, and Registration will be open on the website in the next week or two.

Judges’ Class: KCBS approval committee meets 12/14, Dave expects our proposed March 20 class will be approved. We have already secured a room at the University to hold the event. Once approved, we will get the registration form and information on the website.

Minnesota in May 2018: The State Fair Board has not yet cashed the deposit check to hold the May 11 and 12, 2018 dates. There has been some staff turnover at the fairgrounds. Randy will contact last year’s event person to see if he can get confirmation of our date.

We will need to ask for more Volunteers this year, Randy suggested asking the general membership at the Banquet. Board made the decision to limit the number of 2018 teams to 72 Front/ 24 Backyard.

John announced that he will not be using Judge BBQ as the software to sign up judges, due to limitations of using that program. He will set up a separate email address for Judges to sign up.

National BBQ News: Some discussion that members are saying that the subscription to the newspaper is not worth their membership dues. Discussion on the reason why people join, what their expectations are, what would we offer if not the paper? The paper does give us a page of publicity in a national publication. We discussed member discounts for events we hold (Spring Training). The Board also discussed Auto-Pay in PayPal, to simplify renewals of memberships. Dan and Chuck will discuss the logistics of offering a discount to members who refer a new member.

Second Harvest Heartland:  Dick reported that we had 19 volunteers, who bagged 3,770 ponds of Pinto Beans in one pound sealed bags.

Ronald McDonald House: John has referred them to Dick for information on what they are asking for in terms of Volunteering opportunities.

By-Laws: John reported that he and Beth Salzl have made some recommendations on updates to the By-Laws, Bet will be on the agenda in early 2018 to give a report to the Board.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:12 pm.


Meeting Notes 06/14/2017

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2017

Ramsey County Library, Shoreview, MN

In Attendance: Dick Dahlen, John Scharffbillig, Randy Appelgren, Dave Londeen,

Lu Holter, Claire Terrones, Stan Dobosenski

Guests: Jim Willard, Don Berguson (Traeger Representative), Nora Gallagher

Meeting was called to order at 6:05pm.

Minutes: Motion-Stan, 2nd Lu: To accept the April 2017 Minutes.

Financial Report: Dave submitted a Financial Report. The Society’s tax return is being worked- we filed for an extension.

Motion- Dick, 2nd Randy: To accept the Financial Report.

Membership:  Dan submitted that we have 195 members in good standing at this time. May is one of the largest renewal months, a Dues Reminder for those expired in May was just sent out.

Business Plan Proposal: Jim Willard had contacted the Board previously, and requested to present his idea for a formal Business Plan for the Society. There was much discussion on the Society’s mission, on what draws Corporate or local Sponsors, and how to market the Society to grow our membership. There was general consensus that Community Education is a good fit with our mission, and also that the Amateur and Backyard component of the sport has the greatest potential for growth.

Motion: John, 2nd Stan: To form a Marketing Team to create a Business Plan for the Board’s review.

The team will consist of Jim Willard, Claire Terrones, Dick Dahlen, Stan Dobosenski, and Dan Berguson. They will report back when they have a draft of the plan.

Minnesota in May: May 12-13, 2017

We had 71 Pro teams, 25 Backyard teams. The numbers were similar to 2016. Financially the Pro event breaks even, the Backyard event, raffle and T-Shirt sales are where we show a profit.

By-Laws: John reported that a draft of the existing By-Laws is in progress and will be coming back to the Board with recommendations for revisions.

July Board Meeting: Will be cancelled due to busy schedules. The next scheduled Board meeting will be August 9, 2017 at the Ramsey County Library, in Shoreview, MN.

Additions to the Agenda:

Ronald McDonald House: Dick cooked for them, they expressed a need for cooks in July and August. Dick will get more information on who supplies the food, serves, etc.

Campground BBQ: Stan, John and Dave were contacted by Jeremy Garnet in Virginia about setting up a campground contest. He wants to come to the Board meeting in October to present his idea.

Keg & Case: Craig Cohen and Scott Schuler of Keg & Case are occupying the old Schmitt Brewery in St. Paul. Major renovations are underway for an entire block of land. They hope to be open mid-summer 2018. They want to do a BBQ contest. John suggested it may be a good location for a Backyard contest, as well as a possible location for one of our intended BBQ101 classes. They want to speak to the Board in Sept.-Oct.

Judge Recognition: Jeremy Dockendorf had sent an email with his continued thoughts on this- Lu will forward to the rest of the Board.

Motion by Randy, 2nd by Lu to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:40 pm.

Meeting Notes 04/12/17

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2017
Ramsey County Library, Shoreview, MN

In Attendance: Dick Dahlen, John Scharffbillig, Don Bickford, Randy Appelgren, Dave Londeen,
Lu Holter, Dan Salzl
Guest: Nora Gallagher

Meeting was called to order at 6:00pm.

Financial Report: Dave submitted his report.
Final invoice from the University for Spring Training is outstanding.

Membership: Dan reported that we have received 30+ renewals in Jan-Feb.
April-May renewal reminders were just sent out.

Judges’ Class: The Society is partnering with Jeremy Prange in Mankato to combine the 2017 classes. The Society will plan to do their Judges’ Class in Spring 2018 at the University of Minnesota.

Spring Training Recap:
103 paid participants
Many favorable comments, a few that it was too technical, want more on equipment/woods
Thoughts for Next Year: Want to be able to cook on site, include more vendors (pick date early and lock them in early), return to the first year’s agenda (concentrating on 4 meats/competition), incorporate a video of a contest from a Cook Team perspective

Rib Cook in Winona: Lu and Dick reported that it was a big success- lots of work/fun! They cooked 1200 racks of ribs over two days, raising $2400 for the Fire Department. There was recognition on social media and in the Winona press.

Minnesota in May: May 12-13, 2017-
It was decided that we will offer t-shirts and hoodies for sale in advance of the contest, a minimal number available on-site. The Board approved the expenditure of approximately $550 for pins, to be given to Judges and available for sale to others at the event. As of this date, there are 47 pro teams signed up, and 15 Backyard teams.

Meat Masters Radio: Dan, Randy and John were interviewed on the Minnesota in May contest

By-Laws: Dan and Beth Salzl will begin review of the existing By-Laws and will be coming back to the Board with recommendations for revisions.

Team of the Year: The membership was polled in March for opinions on the TOY competition. The results were 5 votes to keep the rules the same as 2016, 24 votes to change to the proposed ‘ranking’ system. The Board decided to change to the proposed rules for 2017. It was decided that results of Fire on Ice would count toward TOY. Cook teams must be members in good standing of the Society prior to Minnesota in May. Notice of the change in rules will be posted on the website and on Facebook. Lu will ask Tony Korthaus to also send the notice to those who participated in Fire on Ice.

Jeremy Dockendorf also proposed trying to find a way to recognize Judges in a similar fashion. John and Dan will work on coming up with some guidelines for that as well, to be announced at Minnesota in May.

Motion byDon, 2nd by Randy to adjourn the meeting.
Meeting adjourned 6:58 pm.

Meeting Notes 02/08/2017

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

Feb. 8, 2017

Broadway Pizza, West River Road, Minneapolis

In Attendance: Dick Dahlen, Stan Dobosenski, Dave Londeen, Lu Holter, John Scharffbillig, Don Bickford, Randy Appelgren, Claire Terrones, Dan Salzl

Guests: Chuck Anderson, Nora Gallagher,

Meeting was called to order at 6:04 pm

Motion by Stan, 2nd by Randy: to approve the December 2016 Minutes. Approved

Financial Report:

The Annual Banquet numbers were reviewed. We showed a small profit. This is due in large part to raffle ticket sales, and the fact that our raffle items were donated (not purchased) this year.

Membership: Mark Noordsy submitted a Jan. 2017 Membership Report for review, showing 217 members. His preliminary investigation into ClubExpress software will be forwarded to the incoming Treasurer.

Smokin’ with Smithfield: Lu brought forward information on a grant program being promoted by Smithfield, which provides funding to increase completion prize payouts. There is however an exclusivity clause for pork & ribs. The Board discussed our relationship with both Compart and the University of Minnesota, and determined that the Society should not enter into any contractual agreements which endanger those relationships.

Board Assignments:

The following open positions were filled with these Board members:

Treasurer: Lu Holter

Secretary: Claire Terrones

Membership: Dan Salzl

Newsletter and National BBQ News articles: Lu Holter

Community Outreach: Dick Dahlen

Annual Banquet: Claire Terrones/Randy Appelgren

Meat Masters Radio: John brought forward the request from Meat Masters Radio that the Society partner with the radio show for increased website traffic and public awareness. The Society will receive a portion of proceeds from advertising sales referred through the BBQ Society. Both websites will provide a link to the other. The Board agreed.

– Other radio and barbecue podcasts were discussed as a possible resource MBS could provide to its members.

MAMP: Stan and Randy are cooking for the event, Damon Holter will be speaking at the conference. John and Janelle Willard are cooking for the banquet.

Spring Training: April 8th-Construction at the University is done on the ground floor and basement, but there will be very little space outside for our event, due to remaining construction activities. John is reconfirming the registration cost with the U, and will get information to Chuck to post on the website. We will need volunteers to cook and serve at the event.

Minnesota in May: At this point we have 100 Judges, 8 teams signed up. Randy is heading up the pro contest, Dan is leading the Backyard event. A Contest meeting will be scheduled soon.

By-Laws: Dan and Beth Salzl will be reviewing the current Society By-Laws, and will return with recommendations for revisions.

Other Items:       

There have been requests for information on the website for how to get started in backyard BBQing. Stan and Lu will work on that. Stan introduced the idea of hosting a BBQ101, similar to what the Great Lakes BBQ Association has done. He is willing to work on that.

Judges’ Class: Dave is looking at March 11th. The location is still undetermined. More information will be forthcoming.

Next Meeting: March 8, 2017

Meeting was adjourned at 7:12 pm