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Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 05-13-2020

Board Members in Attendance

BBQ Society Members in Attendance:

Minutes Read from Previous Meeting - David
6:08pm: Motion to accept Minutes

Treasurers Report - Doc
6:09 - Motion to accept report; motion carried

Membership Report - Allen

Webmaster report: Chuck - Members Loaded - Plugin 204 Members
Plugin working to track membership
Still working to figure out complete functionality, capabilities of app

Proposal from Floor (Beth): For Board to Consider a Lifetime Membership Option
Board going to look into this.

Committee Roles Update -
Kristen - Content Editor/IG/Website
   Proposal: Add Board Members to Site - email address
   John/Allen will be Defacto Email Contact for Board
Allen - Membership
Beth - Backyard TOY Chair
Doc - Treasurer/VP/Pro TOY
Nate - Treasurer — Backup
Raffle - Allen

Backyard TOY - Beth
  Contacted Everyone recently to confirm contests

  Minimum Qualifying Contests — Cont'd from last mtg
  Proposal to change Best of 4 to Best of 3
  Still need financials - Doc 
  David Motioned to table TOY Count Discussion until next meeting

Google Drive — David 
 Reorganizing permissions and Finding Owner to change

MIM - August 
  2 refunds issued - Conflict of schedule
  Judging - 143 Apps / 20% Drop
  No update on county interaction to cancel event due to fairground closure

Documents have been added to Google Drive
Winners. Shipping.

John - completed June Article
Kristen - will do July Article on bbqborderbattle

4 Board Spots Up for Election next year

Next meeting:
June 10th @ 6

Motion to Adjourn - 7:23pm
2nd - Allen
Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 04-15-2020

Doc Called meeting to order  -6:04 pm - April 15 
Board Members in Attendance
BBQ Society Members in Attendance:

Minutes Read from Previous Meeting 
John Motion
Second Randy
All in Favor
Motioned Accepted - 6:07pm

Treasurers Report
John Motion
Second Allen
All in Favor Motioned Passed - 6:10pm

Membership Update/ Chuck:
Since March 2nd - 11 New Members 

Business Membership/ Dan/Nate:
Three companies are Interested - Verbal Commitments once available

Website Update / Chuck: 
Current Member List loaded
Need From Aaron - Member Since /Current Expiration/Membership Level
Adding Business Membership 
Followup - Additional Membership Benefits
Followup - Kristen will be partnering  with Chuck to help with websiteBBQ NewsLetter Update -

Newsletter / Allen:
Business Spotlight MBN Newsletter
12x - Year - Allen Needs Help as a team
John Volunteered to help with next issue
Allen/Dan/David - MailChimp campaign - Update & Training

MIM Update
People's Choice has been removed from schedule
Sponsors still in place
Date Moved 
Apparel Sales to include shipping cost in case event gets cancelled
NO judges changes/update at this point

Raffle Sales Updates and Discussion

Spring Training Update
April 10th or April 17th, 2021
Motion to have Spring Training next year passed

Backyard TOY Update
6 Contests available 
Pending - Mankato

Pro TOY Update
Motion to Drop Requirement to 3 contents for this year's TOY
Recommendation to continue discussion next month/ next meeting
Budget update for TOY next meeting DOC
Agreement to continue discussion at next meeting Passed

New News:
Donation - Mosquito BBQ - Seeking Charitable cause for use donation

Motion to Adjourn 7:16 David
2nd Allen
Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 03-17-2020

Meeting Minutes – 6:03 PM Meeting Called
Treasurers Report – Jeremy
Position Appointments
Doc – Vice President
Allen LeCuyer – Treasurer
David Ellis -Secretary

Stan Motion – Second Randy
Motion Passed

Spring Training update – John Emailed it in
Minnesota in May Update – Stan
Raffle Ticket Update – Raffle Tickets were split amount Board Members – Allen/Doc Partner
Instagram – New Account
Newsletter Discussion – Allen
Discussion about building community Portal in Website
Backyard TOY Update

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 05-11-2018

May 11, 2018
3pm at MN Fairgrounds
In Attendance: Stan, Lu, Jeremy, Nate, Aaron, Dan S., John S.
Minutes Approved: None.
Finance: no bills due.
Spring Training: 39 confirms
3 follow up emails on those who can’t attend, re: refunds.
Knife Sharpening – Nate can fill in
Aaron working on timeline for speakers
Vendors – poolside bags, no vending. Beef Council. Pork Board. Compart
Cooking: Randy – Pork & Brisket. Nate & Aaron – Ribs
Volunteers: Nordsby & Don (Friend)
Electric & water issues mostly resolved
Porta-potties tonight in by Fairgrounds to replace bathrooms
Judge count should be adequate.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 06-13-2018

Minnesota BBQ Society Monthly Meeting Minutes June 13th, 2018
Stan, Aaron, Jeremy, Nate, Dan
Not in attendance;
Lu, Claire, John, Randy, Dick, Dave

Previous Minutes – Approved Dan, Nate
Finances – Dave and Lu not in attendance. (Lu to take over as treasurer as of this meeting)
Need a new form of payment other than check/paypal – Lu/Dave please investigate
Thinking two board members with CC’s to pay misc. expenses
(Go-Daddy $163 Domain,Hosting)
Minnesota in May – (Dave’s not here) – Need a wrap up for financials
Pro – 69 paid teams – $20,700
Backyard – 25 paid – $2500
Revenue – $23,200
Total expenses – $22,763
State Fair – $5250
KCBS – $1265
Trophies – $1280 (+missing backyard RGC)
Insurance – $387
Judges – #196
Rep Exp. – $503
Golf Carts – $632
Breakfast – $413
Paypal – $690
Total Expenses – $10,763
Total Payout – $12,000
Total Profit – $437
25 Teams +$2500
Building – $250
Payout – $500
Paypal – $69
Profit = $681
Revenue = $2516
Shirts Expense – $953
Paypal – $20
Profit – Shirts/Raffle $1543
Total Profit = $1980
Final billing/profit to follow

Motion – Nate Berg
Investigate Moving Minnesota in May off State Fairgrounds
Dan, Aaron, Jeremy (motion carried)
Discussed locations and follow up person;
Hennepin County Fairgrounds – Nate
Anoka County Fairgrounds – Aaron
Ramsey County Fairgrounds – Dan
Sherburn Country – Jeremy
Keg and Case – Lu Briefly discussed merging with Grill Fest Need to find a reason to bring in the public, in order to bring in sponsors
Jeremy to create a list of questions about sites up for consideration so that we are all comparing the same thing when we circle back

Spring Training;
Reach out to Meathead and try to secure for next year (Aaron)
Reach out to Dr. Cox regarding dates for next year (Aaron)

Skype Meetings occasionally rather than Maple Grove? Go to meeting? Chuck to research
Survey Monkey – Most important amenities for BBQ Contests (backyard team survey and Pro team survey) Need to create list of amenities
Agenda items for the next meeting;
Team of the year payouts – Backyard and pro 2018
Additional backyard contests that count for team of year 2019
Reaching out to local rib cookoffs and try to get some cookoffs to add chicken
(Bea’s on the River, B-Dale Club, The Appliance Source RIB comps to talk to)
Judge of the Year ideas Most Miles IRONMAN award
Rookie judge of the year – most contests judged by new judge
Veteran judge of the year
Quarterly BBQ Mingle (judges and teams) – Happy hour
Additional competition – location – dates – etc. Need everyone’s ideas on dates and location
Motion to adjurn’
Nate, Jeremy – everyone else

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 02-21-2018

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2018

Broadway Pizza, Maple Grove, MN


In Attendance: John Scharffbillig, Stan Dobosenski, Dan Salzl, Dick Dahlen, Jeremy Dockendorf, Nate Berg, Aaron Bourdage, Claire Terrones

Guests: Dave Londeen, Randy Applegren, Chuck Anderson

Meeting was called to order at 6:09 pm.

Minutes: tabled till next meeting.


  • Dan submitted that we have 213 members in good standing at this time. 40 Families and 173 individuals.
  • 55% of members have a team name.

Judges Class

  • Saturday March 10th
  • 48 people planned. 33 registered as of today.
  • Old Southern cooking for the class. Randy will pick up from OS Saturday 9:30am. Due to UofM

ACTION: Need 6-7 people to be table captains.


  • Vice President – vacancy. Dick nominated by Dan. Approved Unanimously. 6 yr term
  • Secretary – Claire reconfirmed for 2018.
  • Treasurer – Need to transition from Dave L.
    • Dave Londeen volunteered to continue as Treasurer.

ACTION: need to update bylaws. Beth & Dan offered to help, revisit in March mtg.

Team of Year

  • Follow same rules as last year. Announcement of points can move forward.
  • Discussion: more communication/buzz desired throughout comp season. Some teams request that trophy/banner beyond 1st Other prizes: Rookies? Backyard?
  • Backyard Program for 2018 – discussed what other societies currently have for backyard program. Should we create our own system or use KCBS. What are the qualifies for an event? Prize and TOY award options.


Motion: Identify 2 backyard MN contests, test a scoring system that is similar to the current system (TBD by BOD & TOY chair), award a prize, must be a society member – Jeremy motion. Stan 2nd. Approved – unanimous.

ACTION: Bring ideas for prize layout to next meeting.

Spring Training:

  • The date is April 14, 2018. 50% of the registration is filled.
  • Meathead is booked as speaker. Arranged dinner for Meathead with Dave Anderson on April 13. Cooked meats are all arranged.
  • Almost all new vendors this year. Space will be tight in the lobby due to UofM arrangements.
  • Rate for Spring Training was increased this year for non-members, this will auto enroll them as a member of MN BBQ Society when they sign up for the class.

ACTION: Need help from the board with volunteers for food serving; Contact John.

MN Association of Meat Producers

  • Lu & Damon will be there to do a presentation on behalf of the Society.

Minnesota in May

  • 7 Backyard Teams/ 14 Pro teams registered. Maximum registration was set to 24 Backyard / 72 Pro teams.
  • Randy had fruit donated for the breakfast.
  • Steak for Friday night steak cookoff is at cost $7.49/lb
  • Payout of Winnings. Discussion: what’s the correct amount & how far to spread the winnings. Table decision till next meeting.

ACTION: Dave Londeen to email out different payout scenarios to Board for review.

Website– $50 spent so far promoting Spring Training. Chuck would like to spend more & needs ideas to sell/advertise the class.


  • Need to create a recognition program for Judges at the annual banquet. Tabled discussion for next meeting
  • Laurie Rock n Ribs Event in La Crosse emailed to request her event be considered in the MN TOY points race. Board discussed the request. Motion: Include Rock N Ribs in 2018 TOY race. Vote 2-5 does not pass. Favor: Jeremy & Aaron. Against:  Dan, Dick, Nate, John & Claire.


Upcoming Events to Plan For:

Board Meeting – March date TBD

Judge’s Class – March 10th

Spring Training – April 14th

Minnesota in May – May 12th



Motion to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:50 pm.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 08-09-2017

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2017

Ramsey County Library, Shoreview, MN

In Attendance: John Scharffbillig, Dave Londeen, Don Bickford, Dan Salzl, Dick Dahlen,

Lu Holter, Claire Terrones

Guests: Scott Schuler (Keg & Case), Damon Holter, Aaron Bourdage, Nora Gallagher

Meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm.

Minutes: Motion- Lu, 2nd Dan: To accept the June 14, 2017 Minutes.

Keg & Case presentation: Scott Schuler described his company’s new venue at the old Schmidt Brewery site in St. Paul. He is eventually looking for a three day event, hopefully in conjunction with the Minnesota BBQ Society, to include food and music. He would like about 15 food vendors. The Board explained some of the limitations of using the Fairgrounds for Minnesota in May in regards to vendors. There was also discussion of our inability in the past to attract both sponsors and the public, as there is nothing for anyone to do who is not competing at our event. There was discussion of the possibility of hosting Minnesota in May there; just a Back Yard event; or another separate, smaller competition. There was also discussion of the use of the site for an educational presentation that would involve a couple of Cook Teams on site, geared towards beginners/back yarders. Scott would like to start working on the event by late fall.

Motion: Don, 2nd John: To have board members look at the site, seriously consider the proposal, and come back to the September meeting prepared to vote on whether to proceed, and if so, with what type of event to hold at the site.

Membership: Dan submitted that we have 198 members in good standing at this time. Another email notice to those who have expired/are expiring will be going out soon.

Spring Training: The date is April 14, 2018, we have secured the date and space at the University of Minnesota. John and Dave will be meeting with Dr. Ryan Cox of the U to discuss budget; our cost is expected to go up, as they tried to hold our cost steady for the early years until the event got established. Results of the 2017 survey indicated that attendees wanted the agenda to swing back to the basics, geared toward beginners and backyard cooks. Now that construction is completed at the U, we will try to increase the number of vendors on site also. We will be looking for volunteers to cook/serve.

Website– need for new photos/content- submit to Chuck Anderson

Upcoming Events to Plan For:

Battle of the Badges- Sept. 9, 2017- John. Need Volunteers for cooking/serving

Second Harvest Heartland- December 2017- Dick

Ronald McDonald House- Dick- Will re-connect after the summer BBQ season

Board Elections- December 2017- Claire

Annual Banquet- January 2018- Claire

Motion by Don, 2nd by Lu to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:40 pm.