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Randy Ward

I’m Randy Ward and I’d like to tell you why I would like to be on the Minnesota Barbecue Society Board. My history in the barbeque industry extends into multiple directions. I compete in competitions with my friend Dan underneath the name Whitewater Barbeque. We also produce barbeque drums, and cater under the same name as a way to help pay for our competition expenses and supporting our fellow teams. We have helped with Spring Training for the past 2 years our first year we taught a class, and the second we cooked the brisket for the meal. On top of that we have participated in many other events, such as cooking for the KCBS Barbecue Judges Class.

As for why I want to be apart of the Minnesota Barbecue Society Board, there are many reasons. First being that I want to help Minnesota Barbeque grow through supporting new and existing teams, and competitions. I can do this because I’ve been involved in many different aspects of the barbecue industries and can therefore provide a unique skill set to the board. I’d like to say it’d be an honor if you chose me. The Minnesota Barbeque Society has a great board and I’d love to be apart of keeping Minnesota Barbeque great.

Dan Fagerlind

My name is Dan Fagerlind my team is Whitewater BBQ and we build whitewater drum smokers. I have been a BBQ society member for 5 years and have helped out at spring the last 2 years. I like the direction that the BBQ Society is going in and I would like to be involved in the future

Nathan Herme

Nathan Herme

To date I have been involved in the Minnesota Barbeque Society as a member for over a year now. I
have been the KCBS Chair and Organizer for the Bend of the River Cookout in Mankato / St. Peter for the
three years that this contest has been a Pro / Am cooking contest as well as the year previous when it
was strictly and amateur event. I have met and been taught much by the member and organizers of the
MBS as well as the KCBS reps that have become my friends in the past 4 years. Our contest in Mankato
began small with 28 teams our first year and 32 amateur teams in 2013, 2014 we had 50 pro teams and
52 amateur teams cooking and last year 2015 we brought in 48 pro teams and limited our amateur
contest to 28 teams.

Last year I worked with and assisted at several different events assisting the organizers and the KCBS
reps in any capacity that was needed. I had a great time doing this and will again this year offer my
assistance to any contest that needs help and or leadership to make it successful. I hope to again have
another contest brought to the area that I will be more directly involved in and help grow the awareness
of the MBS

As I was a key part of that event starting and become more known in the area, I would like to do the
same type of work with the MBS and see it grow further. Not only in numbers of teams but also the
awareness of what we have here in the state of Minnesota and the talent that is here. I would like to get
see our Barbeque Society be more known throughout the state of MN as well as our events be better
known. I would like to see the MBS Event be a greater kick start to the cook-off season become an event
that can bring in spectators and further spotlight the level of competition as well as the level of talent
here in Minnesota.

Thank you for your consideration to the Board of Directors, I look forward to serving with you and for
the members and family of the Minnesota Barbeque Society.

Nate Berg

Nate Berg

My name is Nate Berg and I would be honored to be the newest member of the Minnesota BBQ Society
board. Bbq has been a cornerstone of my life for the past 17 years, and I hope that my experiences such
as managing multiple restaurants and owning a retail sauce company can add new outlook to the board.
I have been married to my wife Lindsay since June 2017. We have two cats and two dogs, and hope to
one day build a family of two legged children.

Being one of the youngest pit masters on the competition Bbq scene, I think I have fresh ideas. My six
years in competition Bbq have molded the cook that I am today and I look forward to more growth.
Within those six years, I have accomplished many personal goals including multiple grand
championships and reserve grand championships, multiple first place category calls and countless top 10 finishes.

Employment and Experience:

PDQA Specialist October 2016-Present

Brothers Meat and Seafood
Lead Butcher June 2015-October 2016

City Slickers BBQ
Pitmaster/owner April 2013-Present

Famous Dave’s/RCs Barbecue State Fair
Manager 2007-Present

Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America 2010
Elected group leader

If elected to serve on the board, my goal would be to promote and grow the sport of bbq. I believe that
being an active competitor, I have views that can benefit other teams throughout the society.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions

Jennifer Falck

Jennifer Falck

Greetings! My name is Jennifer Falck and I am formally submitting my bio for consideration as a Board Member for the MN BBQ Society. Please enjoy learning a little bit about me and how I would make a great board member for your wonderful organization.

My husband, Matt Falck and I founded Lucky Brisket BBQ in 2012, after becoming big fans of the show “BBQ Pitmasters”. We dreamed of how much fun it would be to compete in contests, and hopefully do well enough to win. Our first official competition was in Owatonna at Smokin’ in Steele. We were next to Moe Cason, which was pretty awesome. At our first MN BBQ Society contest, we placed 9th in Pork. We were hooked instantly. From there on, we have placed in numerous other contests, and have had a blast while doing it. Since Matt got the bug to make BBQ his career, he has started his own food truck in May, that travels all around the St. Paul area, numerous brew pubs and festivals in Minnesota. While he is doing that, I am his go to person for Social Media, and scheduling events for Lucky Brisket to work. This year has been a trip and it’s awesome that this small dream of ours has been a success. We have gained a following, and people who think that grilling is BBQ, are surprised to taste what real BBQ tastes like. We have had many compliments on our style of BBQ, even from people in Texas (who are reluctant to try northern BBQ).

For my full time career, I am an Interior Designer/Remodeling Designer for a Design/Build Firm based in the Twin Cities. I design spaces for my clients, schedule and organize projects, and see them through to completion.

While being in charge of Lucky Brisket’s social media and scheduling, I have brought our small business from nothing to being quite busy. We are scheduling events already into next year! What I would bring to the Board would be my organizational skills. I am a master at scheduling, multi-tasking, and I’ve been known to be “scrappy”. I love meeting new people, being a positive person, and getting my love of BBQ out to everyone I meet. I am friendly, and people that I compete with I consider my friends.

I’ve grew up in Wisconsin, and have been married for over 20 years. Matt and I have a 17 year old son named Daunte, who you will see at numerous competitions. Because Lucky Brisket has been so busy, I have formed a team with another competitors wife, Tracey Heymer, and we have formed the team “Better Half BBQ”. You will see our debut at “Fire On Ice BBQ”, this coming March.

Thank you so much for your consideration. I hope that I have earned your vote.

Jennifer Falck

Jeremy Docendorf The Docfather BBQ

Jeremy Dockendorf

Hello Minnesota Barbeque Society!

My name is Jeremy Dockendorf. I’d like to be considered for the opportunity to serve on the MBS Board of Directors in 2018. I’ve been passionate about barbeque ever since I built my first pit in 2011. That passion really grew when I started my barbeque team, The Docfather BBQ, competing in backyard contests and eventually made my way to competing on the KCBS Master Series circuit three years ago. With my teammate/son, Wes, we’ve travelled all over Minnesota and surrounding states to compete and we couldn’t do it without the awesome support of my wife, Melody, and daughter, Madeline. We live on a hobby farm in Foley, MN where we enjoy everything about the outdoors: riding horses, hunting and fishing, and of course grilling and smoking!

Through my experience I’ve learned quite a bit about the “sport” of competitive barbeque as well as other adventures that I believe make me a well-qualified candidate for the board:

Attended several barbeque classes over the last couple years (including MBS Spring Training!) that have taught me all about barbeque and what cooks/teams/judges look for both in food and amenities for a successful event

  • A certified barbeque judge through KCBS (CBJ #86204)
  • In 2017 (and tentatively for 2018) I taught a barbeque rib class that received very positive reviews Assisted with past MBS events
  • Participated in MBS board meetings, so I am comfortable and confident working with other directors
  • Spearheaded the revisions to the 2017 MBS Team of the Year program that were voted on and passed by the membership
  • Active volunteer for the society as I currently manage/track the Team of the Year program

In addition to my barbeque experience, I also believe I bring a strong business acumen that can greatly benefit the society. I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration and do sales and consulting to retail stores in the outdoor sporting goods sector. Among other roles, I provide business insights into operations, budgeting, marketing, and customer service.
My goal for 2018 and beyond is to continue pushing for more, positive changes for the society. I want to know what you, the society members, would like accomplished. I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions and put them into action. Your vote will help me accomplish that goal. I will work with other board members to grow the membership and generate some real excitement for the society!

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support.

Jeremy Dockendorf

Aaron Bourdage

Aaron Bourdage

Hello Minnesota BBQ Society Board, and members,

My name is Aaron Bourdage.  I’m asking for your vote, and the opportunity to represent
the Minnesota BBQ Society membership as a member of the board of directors for the
Minnesota BBQ Society in 2018.  As many of you know, Missy Fisher and I compete in
most of the Minnesota KCBS competitions, and have been proud owners of Lucky 19
Sauce Company since 2013 (   We started competition BBQ in
2014, and stepped up to the KCBS side in 2015.  Outside of slinging our sauces and
competing, we also have the pleasure of raising 3 great “kids”, Evan-22, Nathan – 18
and Meghan – 14.  In my day job, I’m a supply chain analyst for 3M.

Minnesota is lucky to have great teams , amazing organizers, super local BBQ
products, and great venues for competitions as well!  The sport is growing at a national
level, and I’d sure like to see that growth continue in Minnesota.  Additionally, we all
share a passion.  A passion for food and competition.  I’d like to see us leverage that
passion in order to do some good in the community at large.

A few things I’d like to see;

  • Additional KCBS BBQ contests in Minnesota (annually, there are 18 KCBS
    contests in Wisconsin, 12 in Iowa, 18 in Illinois and only 10 in Minnesota)
  • Growth in backyard teams and competition opportunities
  • Growth in MNBBQS Membership
  • Additional classes for judges
  • Additional volunteer event opportunities (like Battle of the Badges)


  • Better leverage the social media platforms to promote not only the society, but all
    of its members and their endeavors
  • Celebrate our successes, whether it be new products, new stores, new
    competitions, out-state wins, major wins,
  • A society driven info page for those that may be interested in organizing an event
    (think BBQ Competitions for Dummies)
  • Learn from our neighboring states and their societies, ….what is working, what

Beyond all of that.  I’m interested in hearing everyone else’s thoughts and opinions.
What is the board doing well?  Where could it do better?  What are we missing?
Thanks for your consideration.  I’m up against some very qualified guys and gals.
There isn’t a bad choice in the bunch, ….other than me!

Damon Holter

Damon Holter

Damon Holter is the owner of Croix Valley Foods and member of the Croix Valley Sauces Competition Cooking Team. Having spent 15 years in the restaurant industry, Damon embarked on a career in the BBQ and grilling space in 2009 which has led to the fostering of numerous relationships and initiatives in the world of outdoor cooking that have helped to promote regional pursuits and increased involvement in grilling, barbecuing and food sport. As a member of the Minnesota BBQ Society, Damon is actively involved in supporting Society activities and helping to shape the future of the organization. As a Board member, Damon’s goal is to further shape the Society’s growth into a premier organization that cultivates involvement and increases membership through outreach, networking and marketing while reinforcing the Society’s core mission to enhance and promote the art of outdoor cooking.

“I’d like to initiate a Member Benefits Program that aims to attract and retain new membership, encourage people to get involved and that helps to promote grilling in the Midwest. We live in a market with thousands of potential members who have never heard of the Society, who love cooking outdoors and who, frankly, are in a unique position to foster creativity in cooking over an open flame through the change of seasons. We have a great group of members who are focused on competitive BBQ, but we have a world of grilling and BBQ enthusiasts in the area with no interest in competition who could bring a diverse base of knowledge, resources and involvement to the Society. If elected as a Board member, my goal is to work diligently to bring a new kind of member to the group, enhance existing and create new events and activities, and help build the Society into a true community-driven organization.”

Current TOY Rules

Calculated by totaling the top three actual contest scores achieved by a team for each category (Chicken, Ribs, Pork, Brisket, and Overall) for the year.

Proposed TOY Rules

Go from using a team’s actual scores to a point system based on the finishing place. Points would be given to every team, including last place. Further, bonus points would be given incrementally based on the number of teams at a given competition, up to 35 bonus points maximum.