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The Board is composed of 9 members. Elections are held each year. Current Society members are eligible to run and are elected for a 3 year term. Winners are announced at the Annual Banquet. After elections, the Board decides who will fulfill each role within the Board for the next year. (Members are not elected directly to a specific seat on the Board.) However, the Board does observe succession planning for the Vice President->President->Past President roles.

Your 2020 Board Members (Click photos for names and current roles)

  • Chairman of the Board / Past President – John
  • President – Stan
  • Vice President / Treasurer – Jeremy
  • Nate
  • Dan 
  • Randy
  • David
  • Allen
  • Kristen (Interim)


The Board creates committees as necessary to facilitate events and happenings for the Society. Members of the Society may also take part in committees, in addition to the Board Members.

Current committee chairs :

  • Spring Training – John
  • MN in May – Stan
  • Pro TOY Events – Jeremy
  • Backyard TOY Events – Beth


  • Webmaster – Open


  • 2020: There were 2 vacancies on the Board. Allen and David were elected.
  • 2021: There will be 3 vacancies on the Board.