1. Each team will be assigned a 20 x 20 BBQ site. All cooking has to be done there.

2. Teams must use charcoal or wood for cooking. No propane or electric-only smokers. Electric accessories like rotating spits are allowed. If you have any question if your method is legal, you should ask in advance.

3. You will be cooking pork ribs and chicken.  You will need to provide them.  The meat will be inspected upon arrival and must be unseasoned, raw, and on ice. The meat can be pre-trimmed.

4. You will be given a 9×9 clamshell go-container in which you will turn in your entries. It will be numbered as part of the double blind judging system.

5. Each entry should include 6 or more separately identifiable pieces of chicken or ribs.

6. Nothing but meat is allowed in the box. No garnish, no side of sauce, no other type of food. The box can’t be marked or put together in such a way that identifies the team.  Ask if you are wondering whether what you are doing is acceptable.

7. You must keep your cooking area clean, and collect all trash before leaving.

8. We will provide you a list of safe food handling practices, which you are expected to follow.


1. Meat will be judged on Taste, Tenderness, and Appearance.  We expect to use all KCBS certified judges.

2. Scores range from 1-9 (9 highest).