Matt Mumme

My name is Matt Mumme and I am a part of the smoking team Dad Bod Barbacue. We have been competing in backyard competitions for 2 years (with the current members). We have very much enjoyed the preparation, the competitions and hanging out with other teams before and after the competition.

I have been married for 18 years (Michele) and have 3 daughters – Maddy (15), Ali (13) and Emily (11). I work in IT as Director of Application Development for The Occasions Group in North Mankato. I have been there just over 6 years. I oversee the software development team for a number of companies under the Taylor Corp umbrella. In my free time I like to barbecue, enjoy fine bourbon, coach softball for my daughters and visit as many National Parks, Monuments and Battlefields as we can.

As for how I would like to help the MN BBQ Society…I would like to see the number of competitions increased for Backyard competitions. I think this is vital to grow our sport. I’ll also mention that we were lucky enough to be paired with a pro team (Lucky 19 Sauce Company) at MIM. That was invaluable and something I’d like to see happen more often.