Kristen Spain

Hi all! I’ve been involved with the MN BBQ Society since 2016. Initially, I became a certified KCBS judge and enjoyed judging at competitions and meeting other BBQ folks. In 2018, I helped out a backyard cook team for a contest and became a member of the Machete Boys BBQ team. My love for all things BBQ has continued to grow year over year. I’m interested in the board because I’ve become passionate about BBQ and really enjoy all of the members of the MN BBQ Society. It’s rare to find a group that encourages, helps, and cheers for each other as much as this group does. As far as my qualifications, I’m happy to help in any way that I can. I have served on the Board for a professional organization here in town for the last 5+ years. As a leader within that organization, I’ve done strategic planning, membership coordination, social media publications, website design and administration, event coordination, vendor relationships, gathered sponsorships, arranged for guest speakers, budgeting, and membership appreciation gifts and events. Currently, I’m the Communications Director for that group. In addition, I enjoy writing and publishing newsletter articles and updates for groups; I’ve done this for multiple groups over the years. I also have a passion for photography and meeting new people. If elected, I’d look forward to collaborating with the fellow leaders of MN BBQ Society to continue bringing the passion of BBQ to our members and others.

Thanks for considering me for the board, and

Cheers to great BBQ!