Allen M LeCuyer

I have been cooking in a mix of backyard and pro contests since 2016 under the team name Magnum P.I.G. We are a three generation team consisting of my dad, myself and my son. If you’ve seen some guys in Hawaiian shirts walking around that’s us. I am running for a position on the board because I think I can offer some creative ideas and a fresh perspective on how we can grow our community. Since I have competed in quite a few backyard contests over the last few years I can share my experiences and lean on my relationships with the backyard teams to work on getting more teams to try a backyard contest. After that I think we can do more to get those new teams to come back for another contest or two and get hooked like all of us are. I think my experience will help me work with the board and the community to help transition backyard teams to the pro side which we need for the long term health of the society. I also think we can do more on our website and Facebook page by way of detailed content. I know newer teams and members don’t really know what to expect from a contest and without much detail jumping in and trying a contest can be difficult, I think that applies to Spring Training and the banquet too, what can people expect and why should they go? If elected I hope to play a part in more communication with members and prospective members. If we can focus on the long term health of the MBS and our community, maybe my three generational bbq team can be a four generational team some day? A dad can hope… I hope to see you all at the banquet!