The Compart Kid’s Challenge will beging at 5:45 PM on May 10th, 2019 at Minnesota in May, located at the Isanti county fairgrounds.

There will be two age groups both cooking pork loin provided by Compart Duroc Family Farms.

  • Age group 7-10 Pork Loin
  • Age group 11-15 Pork Loin

All children will cook in designated areas and do as much as possible by themselves.   The child must do preparation, cooking and presentation. The adult supervisor/staff will help with fires, cutting of the pork loins, temps.

Charcoal grills (sponsored by Dahlen’s) will be provided.

All children will cook in designated areas by themselves.

Charcoal grills will be provided.  Meat sponsored by Compart Duroc.


Each entry will be judged by a panel of judges. Each entry will consist of only 1 cook.  The child/cook must do the preparation, cooking and presentation.. Special needs children need not be eliminated from the competition but will be allowed to do as much as they are able with some help from an assigned person. Staff/ supervision will be available to assist if we see that the situation requires it. Tables, grills, charcoal will be provided by Minnesota Barbecue Society. Each cook needs to bring utensils, sauces, and seasonings. All items must be in place at the designated times of grill starting. Child/Cook must be standing in the “Turn In” area by the designated times to have their entry accepted.

1)      Pork loin will be 1/3 package

2)       Must use provided turn in box and it has to close

3)       You may garnish the box with edible garnish but the appearance will be judged on the meat.

4)       No extra dipping sauce in box

5)       No family member will help the their kid cook.

Time frame

5:45 kids que meeting—charcoal will be started before the meeting—review rules, show where turn in is, hand out boxes, etc.

5:45 judge meeting to review how to judge based on appearance, creativity, taste, execution

7:00 turn in

8:00 awards