Monthly Archives: December 2018

Randy Ward

I’m Randy Ward and I’d like to tell you why I would like to be on the Minnesota Barbecue Society Board. My history in the barbeque industry extends into multiple directions. I compete in competitions with my friend Dan underneath the name Whitewater Barbeque. We also produce barbeque drums, and cater under the same name as a way to help pay for our competition expenses and supporting our fellow teams. We have helped with Spring Training for the past 2 years our first year we taught a class, and the second we cooked the brisket for the meal. On top of that we have participated in many other events, such as cooking for the KCBS Barbecue Judges Class.

As for why I want to be apart of the Minnesota Barbecue Society Board, there are many reasons. First being that I want to help Minnesota Barbeque grow through supporting new and existing teams, and competitions. I can do this because I’ve been involved in many different aspects of the barbecue industries and can therefore provide a unique skill set to the board. I’d like to say it’d be an honor if you chose me. The Minnesota Barbeque Society has a great board and I’d love to be apart of keeping Minnesota Barbeque great.

Dan Fagerlind

My name is Dan Fagerlind my team is Whitewater BBQ and we build whitewater drum smokers. I have been a BBQ society member for 5 years and have helped out at spring the last 2 years. I like the direction that the BBQ Society is going in and I would like to be involved in the future