Meeting Notes 05-11-2018

May 11, 2018
3pm at MN Fairgrounds
In Attendance: Stan, Lu, Jeremy, Nate, Aaron, Dan S., John S.
Minutes Approved: None.
Finance: no bills due.
Spring Training: 39 confirms
3 follow up emails on those who can’t attend, re: refunds.
Knife Sharpening – Nate can fill in
Aaron working on timeline for speakers
Vendors – poolside bags, no vending. Beef Council. Pork Board. Compart
Cooking: Randy – Pork & Brisket. Nate & Aaron – Ribs
Volunteers: Nordsby & Don (Friend)
Electric & water issues mostly resolved
Porta-potties tonight in by Fairgrounds to replace bathrooms
Judge count should be adequate.