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Sleepy Eye’s Backyard BBQ Cook-Off

Location: Allison Park, Sleepy Eye, MN

Sleepy Eye’s 2nd Annual Backyard BBQ Rib Cook-off will take place the Saturday August 18th during Corn Days weekend at Allison Park. Public tasting will run from 1-4pm; Team judging for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place cash prize will take place at 1pm.

Cost: $10 gets you 6 tickets plus plate & sides (1 rib = 1 ticket).
Grainbelt & 1919 root beer tickets available for purchase separately.

LIVE Music by Pour Me Band

Proceeds from the day will go towards enhancing Sleepy Eye Lake Acivities & Recreation Opportunities.

Contest Registration can be found on the contest website.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 05-11-2018

May 11, 2018
3pm at MN Fairgrounds
In Attendance: Stan, Lu, Jeremy, Nate, Aaron, Dan S., John S.
Minutes Approved: None.
Finance: no bills due.
Spring Training: 39 confirms
3 follow up emails on those who can’t attend, re: refunds.
Knife Sharpening – Nate can fill in
Aaron working on timeline for speakers
Vendors – poolside bags, no vending. Beef Council. Pork Board. Compart
Cooking: Randy – Pork & Brisket. Nate & Aaron – Ribs
Volunteers: Nordsby & Don (Friend)
Electric & water issues mostly resolved
Porta-potties tonight in by Fairgrounds to replace bathrooms
Judge count should be adequate.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 06-13-2018

Minnesota BBQ Society Monthly Meeting Minutes June 13th, 2018
Stan, Aaron, Jeremy, Nate, Dan
Not in attendance;
Lu, Claire, John, Randy, Dick, Dave

Previous Minutes – Approved Dan, Nate
Finances – Dave and Lu not in attendance. (Lu to take over as treasurer as of this meeting)
Need a new form of payment other than check/paypal – Lu/Dave please investigate
Thinking two board members with CC’s to pay misc. expenses
(Go-Daddy $163 Domain,Hosting)
Minnesota in May – (Dave’s not here) – Need a wrap up for financials
Pro – 69 paid teams – $20,700
Backyard – 25 paid – $2500
Revenue – $23,200
Total expenses – $22,763
State Fair – $5250
KCBS – $1265
Trophies – $1280 (+missing backyard RGC)
Insurance – $387
Judges – #196
Rep Exp. – $503
Golf Carts – $632
Breakfast – $413
Paypal – $690
Total Expenses – $10,763
Total Payout – $12,000
Total Profit – $437
25 Teams +$2500
Building – $250
Payout – $500
Paypal – $69
Profit = $681
Revenue = $2516
Shirts Expense – $953
Paypal – $20
Profit – Shirts/Raffle $1543
Total Profit = $1980
Final billing/profit to follow

Motion – Nate Berg
Investigate Moving Minnesota in May off State Fairgrounds
Dan, Aaron, Jeremy (motion carried)
Discussed locations and follow up person;
Hennepin County Fairgrounds – Nate
Anoka County Fairgrounds – Aaron
Ramsey County Fairgrounds – Dan
Sherburn Country – Jeremy
Keg and Case – Lu Briefly discussed merging with Grill Fest Need to find a reason to bring in the public, in order to bring in sponsors
Jeremy to create a list of questions about sites up for consideration so that we are all comparing the same thing when we circle back

Spring Training;
Reach out to Meathead and try to secure for next year (Aaron)
Reach out to Dr. Cox regarding dates for next year (Aaron)

Skype Meetings occasionally rather than Maple Grove? Go to meeting? Chuck to research
Survey Monkey – Most important amenities for BBQ Contests (backyard team survey and Pro team survey) Need to create list of amenities
Agenda items for the next meeting;
Team of the year payouts – Backyard and pro 2018
Additional backyard contests that count for team of year 2019
Reaching out to local rib cookoffs and try to get some cookoffs to add chicken
(Bea’s on the River, B-Dale Club, The Appliance Source RIB comps to talk to)
Judge of the Year ideas Most Miles IRONMAN award
Rookie judge of the year – most contests judged by new judge
Veteran judge of the year
Quarterly BBQ Mingle (judges and teams) – Happy hour
Additional competition – location – dates – etc. Need everyone’s ideas on dates and location
Motion to adjurn’
Nate, Jeremy – everyone else

Ribs N Rides

3rd Annual Ribs N Rides Backyard Cook-Off

Location: Big Lake, MN

September 29 at Tootsie’s Tavern in Big Lake, MN

Entry: $125, 10-12 racks of St.Louis ribs and 8 chicken thighs, people’s choice after rib turn-in

Family friendly event with all proceeds benefiting Beyond the Yellow Ribbon of Big Lake

Bike rally, silent auction, music, drink specials and rib kits for public tasting

1st-3rd place trophies and payouts for ribs, chicken and people’s choice

Call Thad at 763-286-5821 or Cassie at 612-490-5528, or email for more information.

Event Flyer

Ribs N Rides Sign Up Form