Damon Holter

Damon Holter is the owner of Croix Valley Foods and member of the Croix Valley Sauces Competition Cooking Team. Having spent 15 years in the restaurant industry, Damon embarked on a career in the BBQ and grilling space in 2009 which has led to the fostering of numerous relationships and initiatives in the world of outdoor cooking that have helped to promote regional pursuits and increased involvement in grilling, barbecuing and food sport. As a member of the Minnesota BBQ Society, Damon is actively involved in supporting Society activities and helping to shape the future of the organization. As a Board member, Damon’s goal is to further shape the Society’s growth into a premier organization that cultivates involvement and increases membership through outreach, networking and marketing while reinforcing the Society’s core mission to enhance and promote the art of outdoor cooking.

“I’d like to initiate a Member Benefits Program that aims to attract and retain new membership, encourage people to get involved and that helps to promote grilling in the Midwest. We live in a market with thousands of potential members who have never heard of the Society, who love cooking outdoors and who, frankly, are in a unique position to foster creativity in cooking over an open flame through the change of seasons. We have a great group of members who are focused on competitive BBQ, but we have a world of grilling and BBQ enthusiasts in the area with no interest in competition who could bring a diverse base of knowledge, resources and involvement to the Society. If elected as a Board member, my goal is to work diligently to bring a new kind of member to the group, enhance existing and create new events and activities, and help build the Society into a true community-driven organization.”