Nathan Herme

To date I have been involved in the Minnesota Barbeque Society as a member for over a year now. I have been the KCBS Chair and Organizer for the Bend of the River Cookout in Mankato / St. Peter for the three years that this contest has been a Pro / Am cooking contest as well as the year previous when it was strictly and amateur event.  I have met and been taught much by the member and organizers of the MBS as well as the KCBS reps that have become my friends in the past 4 years. Our contest in Mankato began small with 28 teams our first year and 32 amateur teams in 2013, 2014 we had 50 pro teams and 52 amateur teams cooking and last year 2015 we brought in 48 pro teams and limited our amateur contest to 28 teams.

Last year I worked with and assisted at several different events assisting the organizers and the KCBS reps in any capacity that was needed. I had a great time doing this and will again this year offer my assistance to any contest that needs help and or leadership to make it successful. I hope to again have another contest brought to the area that I will be more directly involved in and help grow the awareness of the MBS

As I was a key part of that event starting and become more known in the area, I would like to do the same type of work with the MBS and see it grow further. Not only in numbers of teams but also the awareness of what we have here in the state of Minnesota and the talent that is here. I would like to get see our Barbeque Society be more known throughout the state of MN as well as our events be better known. I would like to see the MBS Event be a greater kick start to the cook-off season become an event that can bring in spectators and further spotlight the level of competition as well as the level of talent here in Minnesota.

Thank you for your consideration to the Board of Directors, I look forward to serving with you and for the members and family of the Minnesota Barbeque Society.