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Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 10/12/16

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

Oct. 12, 2016

Broadway Pizza, West River Road, Minneapolis

In Attendance: Dave Londeen, Janelle Willard, Dan Salzl, John Scharffbillig, Randy Appelgren, Dan Maley

Guests: Mark Noordsy, Nora Gallagher, Claire Terrones

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm

Motion by Janelle, 2nd by Randy: to approve the 9/14/16 Minutes. Passed 6-0.

Financial Report:

The Operational Review of financial records will take place Saturday, Oct. 15th.

Annual Banquet:  Nora reported that the date of the Annual Banquet was successfully changed to Jan. 21, 2017. The restaurant allowed us to change the date without penalty. Gretchen Noordsy and Nora will continue to work on the menu selection. The Board approved their moving ahead with the selection as long as the price did not increase over 2016.

Membership: Mark submitted a Membership Report for review. The current total number of members is 213. Mark is also working on updating the MN BBQ Society brochure.

Thanks were given to Quetopia BBQ for including information on the Annual Banquet in their communications.

Mark also reported on his findings on the cost of replacing our membership pins. A pin is given to each newly signed member. We discussed having the new pins available for sale at the Banquet to any members who want to update their pin.

Motion by Janelle, 2nd by Dan S: to order 500 pins in the 1.5” size with red lettering. Passed 6-0.

KCBS Ambassador Program: Dave reported that KCBS is looking to re-introduce their Ambassador Program. The idea is to set up an informational booth at all contests. KCBS wants Iowa, Minnesota, Rocky Mountain and New England BBQ Societies to select an Ambassador. KCBS would provide training, handouts, pop-up tent. It would give the Minnesota Society the opportunity to piggy back and provide information on our Society as well. Mark will contact KCBS and report back in November.

Recruiting New Board Members: There will be two Board positions open in January. Three or four people have expressed interest in running. We discussed the need to get information on the website, social media as well as do an email solicitation. Dan S. will work with Janelle on text to use. We want to include some of the areas we especially are looking for help in: Financials, Website content, National BBQ News monthly articles, Membership.

Team of the Year: There was no proof of payment of dues submitted after last month’s Board Meeting by the team who questioned the TOY standings. Failing to receive any proof of payment, the Board agreed there should not be an exception made to the TOY rules, and that the team is ineligible to participate in 2016 Team of the Year.

Other Items: At the September Board meeting, there were several ideas advanced for possible speakers at the 2017 Spring Training Workshop. There was much discussion at the October meeting concerning the financial viability of increasing the Workshop Fee to cover the added expense of a national speaker, the fact that the University of Minnesota will still be under construction during the Workshop, space will be extremely tight, that moving to a different location either on campus or off means that no food can be brought in or cooked, which greatly affects our ability and cost to provide lunch for attendees. Dave advanced the idea of running the 2017 Spring Training Workshop with local speakers and see if we can still sell out seats. It would be a controlled test of the price point and the effect of the draw of a nationally recognized speaker.

Motion by Randy, 2nd by Janelle- to not entertain the idea of bringing in a national speaker for Spring Training in 2017.

Passed 5 Yes, 1 Abstain

Motion by Janelle, 2nd by Dave- to adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:43 pm