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Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 09/14/16

Minnesota BBQ Society Board Meeting Minutes

Sept. 14, 2016

Broadway Pizza, West River Road, Minneapolis

In Attendance: Dave Londeen, Janelle Willard, Stan Dobosenski, Dan Salzl, John Scharffbillig, Lu Holter, Randy Appelgren, Dan Maley

Guests: Chuck Anderson, Nora Gallagher

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm

Motion by Janelle, 2nd by Randy: to approve the 8/10/16 Minutes. Passed.

Financial Report: Dave reported that all of the bills are now paid for 2016 Spring Training, and the result was a profit.

An audit, as required by our By-Laws, has been scheduled for Oct. 15th.

Motion by Stan, 2nd by Janelle: to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Passed.

Posting Agendas: Stan proposed posting the Agenda of the upcoming Board Meetings on the Website. Lu suggested putting a notice on Face Book, directing people to the Website for the Agenda. Due to last minute changes in the Agenda, it was discussed that Topics of Discussion for the next meeting could be decided at the current meeting, and posted on the Website as soon as possible following each meeting.

Motion by Stan, 2nd by Lu: To post Topics of Discussion for the next meeting, and post the Agenda a week prior to each scheduled Board Meeting. Passed.

Team of the Year: There is a team who has questioned why they are not included in the TOY standings. It was determined that they were not included because they did not meet the criteria of being a member of the BBQ Society. The team was of the understanding that they had paid their dues. There was much discussion concerning the research of the Society’s records on the team’s payment, the purpose of TOY, and the rules.

Motion by Stan, 2nd by Randy: to allow the team one month, until Oct. 12 Board Meeting,

to present some form of proof of payment of dues prior to the first contest entered. Passed.

Stan also passed along Brian Brandt’s suggestion that 2017 TOY registrations be by team name, not individuals, to make administration easier.

Annual Banquet: The Nov. 12 date selected previously conflicts with World Food Competition, and is resulting in many teams being unable to attend the Banquet. The original idea of moving the contest to the Fall was suggested by members. It was intended to see if attendance would be higher before the winter months, and also to make TOY results more immediate. The restaurant will allow us to change the date without penalty.

Motion by Janelle, 2nd by Lu: to change the date of the Annual Banquet to Jan. 21, 2017. Passed.


Membership: Mark Noordsy had submitted a Membership Report for review. The current total number of members is 210. Mark has also asked that another volunteer be brought in to assist with Membership. Recruiting new Board Members will be discussed next month, but will be looking for people willing to take on Membership, an electronic Newsletter, authoring the NBN monthly articles, someone to train in the Financial role, among other things.

Donation of Food: Nora presented the idea of the Board drafting a letter to elected officials to make them aware of the fact that local health inspectors were preventing the donation of food from contests to non-profits and charities. She read comments from Tony Korthaus of Quetopia, in regards to the circumstances of the Minnetonka contest this year. Lyle Coleman in Owatonna was also prevented from participating in the 250KCBS Meals program, due to the health inspectors. The discussion included whether drawing more attention to the contests is in our best interest. Lu made the suggestion that we heavily promote the donation of canned and dry goods with both the Cook Teams and the Judges, and avoid the problem of the cooked meat. We will add this to the activities for Minnesota in May in 2017.

Other Items:

Lumberjack Pellets has donated a pallet of 20# bags of pellets to the Banquet. They would like a banner at the banquet, and a presence on the website. They also have a discounted rate they would like to offer to members. Lu, Stan and Chuck will work on how to position them on the Website, and come up with suggested tiers of sponsorship for the Board’s review.

Spring Training- Stan had made contact with Tuffy Stone, and looked into the possibility of having him as the keynote speaker at Spring Training 2017. There was discussion about the need to pay for the speaker going forward. Other possible speakers were discussed. It was determined that we want to reach a broad-based audience, beginners and competitive teams as well as meat industry based attendees, to follow our participant profile. Stan will request a formal proposal from Tuffy to the Board, listing fees as well as what he will deliver. The Board will review in consultation with the University of Minnesota.

Motion by Janelle, 2nd by Dan S. to adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50pm

Topics of Discussion for Oct. 12:

Review Minutes from 9/14/16

Financial Report

Annual Banquet Update

Membership Report

Recruiting New Board Members

Other Items