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Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 08/10/2016

BBQ Society Minutes
August 10, 2016
Ross Bowen, Randy Appelgren, Liliana Bowen, Dave Londeen, Stan Dobosenski, Chuck Anderson
Called to order by Stan D at 6:10
Motion to approve minutes by Ross, 2nd by Randy, all voted to approve
Treasurers Report – Dave Londeen
Fall Banquet
Two dates were discussed – Nov 5 and 12.  Both available at Red Rosa in Bloomfield.  Discussion of conflicts, notably deer season.  Bowen moved to select November 12, Randy 2nd, motion approved.
Planning details to be handled by banquet committee.
Internet report
We have 1378 FB likes.  WE have about 18 visitors per day on the website.  Dan Maley pointed out via text that we need to redirect to 
For more content, Chuck will post to solicit for more information for the website.  He will ask for team bios and pictures. 
The 250,000 meal program has been stopped by Hennepin county health department, apparently by the USDA.  Thanks Obama.
The Police and Fire event will be held at North Commons Park on September 10.  The Disabled Veterans event will be the same day at VFM in White Bear Lake.  Ross will create a FB event for sign ups
Posting of minutes.  Per the bylaws we are not technically required to publicly post the minutes.  Our annual audit is upcoming.
Motion to adjourn by Stan at 7:00. Seconded by Bowen.  Motion passed.
Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 07/20/16

MBS Board Meeting

July 20, 2016

Davanni’s Pizza, Golden Valley, MN

In attendance: John Scharffbillig, Dave Londeen, Ross Bowen, Don Bickford, Randy Appelgren, Dan Salzl, Janelle Willard; Guests: Nora Gallagher, Mark Noordsy

  1. Meeting was called to order at 6:00pm
  2. Discussion of the Society’s policy on Donations: Discussion included different types of events (death, illness, natural disaster, etc.) and whether the donations be limited to Board Members, their families, or the entire Society, and their families. Difficulty in not always knowing of someone’s situation. Discussed the need to be equitable. Also discussion of setting a limit on the expenditure. There was a request that this discussion be taken to the entire Society for a vote. General consensus was that is the purpose of the Board, to make decisions on the Society’s behalf. Discussion on whether limit donations to flowers, not cash; the aging of the BBQ community and the fact that this could become an unknown level of expense going forward; the relatively new availability of Go Fund Me accounts for dire situations.

Motion by John Scharffbillig: To limit Society’s involvement to sending cards only, signed by the Board; to have the Board make this decision rather than taking it to the membership, and to utilize the Society’s email list and electronic media to publicize Go Fund Me accounts that have been set up for BBQ community members in need. Vote: 6 Yes, 1 Abstain.

  1. Financial Report- Dave Londeen:


Motion by John Scharffbillig: To reimburse Stan for the expense. Passed 7-0. Discussion of reimbursing John and Randy for gas, they both declined the offer.

  1. Audit required by By-Laws- Mark Noordsy has a CPA friend who is willing to do an Operational Audit, which would satisfy the by-laws requirement. Mark will work with Scott Madsen to get the Audit done.
  2. Annual Banquet- It was suggested that we move the Annual Banquet to late Fall, rather than January of the following year. Advantages: Team of the Year is more timely, weather is likely to be better, helps alleviate some of the organizational crunch in the first half of the year. Disadvantages: Finding a date that does not conflict with hunting season and the Holidays. Discussion was that we would never know if it is better unless we try it.

Motion by Ross Bowen: To move this year’s Annual Banquet to an available date in November 2016. Passed 7-0. Nora Gallagher and Gretchen Noordsy have volunteered to organize the Banquet, Nov. 5 or 12 will be investigated. They will try to secure the same Best Western/RedRossa Grille location. This date/location will also accommodate the Organizer’s Round Table and Judge’s Refresher course.

  1. Website- Chuck Anderson was unable to attend, but sent an update on recent statistics on site views. He made a general plea for more current content, postings to keep the site fresh and people going back.
  2. Strategic Plan- John explained this was meant to be a brainstorming session on ideas for where the Board wants to see the Society in the next 5 years, and how to get there. Discussion items:
  • More outreach to outer Minnesota and other parts of the country
  • More charitable activities
  • Society presence at contests and events- speak at Cooks and Judges meetings, informational booth, hand-outs.
  • Continue on educational path. Convert educational day into future BBQ activity for the participants.
  • Encourage Organizers to recognize First time entries. Suggested that Society could provide the banner/trophy for High Amateur or First Time Entry to each of the Contests.
  • Have a class for first time backyard teams- How to Prepare and Compete in a BBQ Contest
  • Invest some of the profits from this years successes to expand our web presence and increase web activity- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Communication is key
  • Continue to incorporate a Charity element to our activities
  • Operation BBQ Relief responds with food for natural disasters (Famous Dave Anderson has a connection with this organization)
  • Need ‘Job Descriptions’ for our activities and roles. Needed to entice new members, to capture the skill sets of new members.

John and Mark will compile some of these ideas and incorporate into a document for review by the Board.


Motion by Ross: Meeting adjourned 7:33pm